Those summer bites are surfacing
Brent Kirk | December 2016

Bait gathering at the beach is fun for all ages.

Bass fishing in the reaches of the Macleay River up above Kempsey is now coming into the prime season with these fish at their most active. Cicadas and beetles are out in force now and the surface bite is on fire as a result of their presence. Loud boofs on the surface can be heard right through the day.
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Key to a flathead belly
Paul Lennon | December 2016

You don’t need a boat to catch quality flathead in Port Stephens.

There’s no shortage of flathead in Port Stephens this time of year, especially around areas such as North Arm Cove, Corlette Groins, Pindimar, Jimmys Beach and Shoal Bay. Soft plastic fishing is by far the best technique for catching numbers of flathead. An old fashioned slow rolled ganged pilchard will also do the trick.
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Time to get the bobby corks out
Ian Pereira | December 2016

At this time of the year, our freshwater anglers’ thoughts are concentrated on the upper part of the Manning, as the MNC Freshwater Championship is nearly upon us. The Manning is flowing very slowly with water levels a bit below normal. The water is clear and there are heaps of mullet schooling in the larger holes.
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New Years fishing favourites
Mark Saxon | December 2016

Kelly with a nice bream from the Hastings.

Welcome to the New Year! Hopefully, we’re having a relaxing break away before getting back into the work year. To start it off, let’s have a look at some of our summer favourites that are readily available in our rivers at this time of year, and whereabouts in the Hastings Region you can encounter them.
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Rack ‘em up to the bream
Dave Seaman | December 2016

Paul Albery with a pair of decent bream extracted from the lower leases. There is always flathead by-catch to keep for the table.

January is a month of excess. Christmas and the New Years festivities are over and by mid month, most of the New Years resolutions have been forgotten or wilfully broken, leaving only guilt. What’s a better way to relieve the guilt than to get out on the water, away from everything and everyone judging you? It’s at least an excuse to go find some fish.
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Hot days and cool waves
Stephen Worley | December 2016

The year begins again, and New Year’s resolutions have likely been made and broken already – but the fishing will go on. This month should see the return of the warm tropical water, via the East Australian Current, and the summer species that come with it. With such warm waters and the extensive coral death on the Great Barrier Reef last year, it’s going to be very interesting to track how this season pans out – will we get a larger run of the northern species chasing more productive ...
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And still we wait. This has been without a doubt the crumbiest start to a gamefishing season anyone around here can remember. If it hasn’t been the monotonous procession of northeasterlies every couple of days, it’s been the cold, insipid water that has been almost totally devoid of bait and therefore predators.
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Summer species are heating up
Brent Kirk | December 2016

Summer is here again and with longer, warmer days. It gets easier to find time and motivation to get out and wet a line. The Christmas period will bring droves of fishers to the mid north coast of New South Wales chasing everything from bass to marlin. With the changing seasons, possibilities are almost endless when it comes to fishing methods and the species available in the Macleay Valley region.
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Look forward to holiday Hunter Coast fishing
Paul Lennon | December 2016

Early December is a great time to be a local angler in Port Stephens. The town is still relatively quiet with plenty of great fishing to be had. Make the most of this period – by the end of December, the population will have doubled. Thousands of visitors will hit Port Stephens for summer holidays.
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