Rivers running hot in April
Rhys Creed | April 2017

Chris Cotterill with his first Murray cod on fly – even better it was on his home made surface fly!

April is my favourite month. This month is where fishing dreams are made as we are blessed with the best fishing conditions of the year. What makes the fishing even better is the Easter long weekend - the perfect excuse to get out into the freshwater.
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Really loving the reddy resurgence
Wayne Dubois | April 2017

The redfin are back in a big way all over the country, especially at Mannus Lake as Sharon proved with this pair of stonkers.

The freshwater scene has been all about the redfin over the last few months. Crazy numbers of these tasty morsels are being caught consistently just about everywhere.
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Mixed bag of angling opportunities
Rod Mackenzie | April 2017

Some very big carp are on the bite in our local waters.

Anglers fishing the local lakes and rivers have reported good catches and ample action over the past few weeks. Yabbies have been a popular catch. While you need to work to get a feed, most locations are producing a few.
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Rainbow trout have been hard to find in streams and especially lakes, but perhaps small flies in the streams and deep trolling in the lakes could be the answer to finding fish.

Canberra anglers Peter Ruffy and Matt McCann have used their long-term knowledge of the Snowy Mountain lakes to suddenly rediscover the rainbow trout everybody thought were missing from the lakes over the last 12 months.
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Cod becoming more active
Dean Mcfarlane | April 2017

The Peel River has been fishing well, with cod taking poppers in the afternoon and into the night, and spinnerbaits during the day. Yellowbelly are taking spinnerbaits as well.
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Rod Annett with a huge brown trout.

April is the month that we start to see a reduction in the surface temperature of the lake, which seems to spur a few trout on for an early spawning run. Some trout will start moving into the Thredbo River. You can now really feel the mornings getting cooler and the water temperatures are dropping.
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Lake Mulwala means top fishing
Tony Bennett | March 2017

Marshall Elliot with his 104cm cod taken off the surface.

After a year or two of not being fussed either way if I was fishing, the boom in surface action and the results that go with it have me back on the horse again! Lake Mulwala continues to be the number one location for any half-keen cod angler, especially those keyed into what it takes to get one off the top.
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Stout trout worth shouting about
Rhys Creed | March 2017

Jack caught this early morning rainbow on a spinner with yellow and gold spots.

Summer is slowly on the wind down and the days will begin to cool off. March is a brilliant time to be out fishing because the days are more comfortable with high 20s and low 30s. Even better, the water temperature begins to drop and the fish switch on!
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Reddy to finish off the summer heat
Wayne Dubois | March 2017

The redfin fishing is back at Blowering Dam and double hook-ups are back on the cards. These two tasty morsels were part of a monster bag caught on Insanity Tackle Mini vibes recently.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to report that redfin in Blowering Dam are well and truly on the chew. There have been thousands of these tasty critters about lately and although the majority of these fish are fairly small, there are still plenty of big ones out there. And there’s the odd trophy-sized one to keep spirits and expectation levels high.
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