Cod huggers are holding tight to the banks
Rhys Creed | February 2017

The new SF Special colour FX Fury produced this cracker impoundment Murray cod.

The heat is well and truly here but the fishing hasn’t slowed down. With a bumper December and January, we expect to see some more great fishing in the region through February! With the hot summer weather brings the bugs and plenty of activity on the surface!
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Cod and trout out and about
Wayne Dubois | February 2017

Ross Virt from Kaos Cod Flies with one of the Murray cod he caught on fly on a recent trip.

The month of February can be a challenging month for anglers, especially those targeting natives in our lakes. The days are long and hot and just like us, the fish would prefer to either get up early or wait until the sun goes down before they go about their business.
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What’s left in the wake?
Rod Mackenzie | February 2017

Is this all that’s left of our once great cod fishery? Anglers deserve answers!

The last two floods along the Murray River have fallen just six years apart and have changed the face of a once vibrant fishery, leaving in its wake an uneasy silence that hides the unknown.
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Summer goldens and cod fun
Adam Mears | February 2017

Nice cod have been going after smaller lures intended for golden perch.

The weather is hot, unforgiving and brutal as the soaring temperatures make perspiration feel like rain dripping off sun-kissed skin. It’s something all anglers feel at this time of year as we plop our artificial lures deep into native territory. Beneath the surface behind boulders and windswept willows are the shaded cool pockets of water where our cod and yellowbelly lay poised for their next assault.
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Cod-botherers busy in the new season
Bryan Pratt | February 2017

Monster Murray cod like this one, caught on a spinnerbait in the Murrumbidgee River, bear out the suggestion that this is the ‘Year of the Cod’.

Catches since the opening of the Murray cod season in the ACT and NSW in December certainly bear out the claim that this is the ‘year of the cod’. Stunning catches have been reported from many waterways and the average size is outstanding.
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Insect season has the trout going bug-eyed
Steve Williamson | February 2017

Leo Falt from Sweden with his first Australian trout.

Like last month, the river fishing season was very late this year and is only now about to peak. Due to the late season and cooler conditions, flyfishers are only now experiencing the best fishing for years. With lots of bugs about, the trout are leaping for joy!
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Chas Bunting with an 119cm Mulwala beast caught in some slightly dirty water before last season’s blue-green algae outbreak.

We’ve had such dramas in the lead up to cod season with mass fish kills further downstream due to ‘black water.’ Whether it’s an artificially made problem or results of the floods, hopefully something can be learned from it. This is the second time in five years, so answers and future plans should be a major focus for the controlling authorities. Fortunately, here at Lake Mulwala, we’ve stayed okay.
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Fish seeking out cooler conditions
Rhys Creed | December 2016

Blowering Dam is full and looking spectacular this summer.

Looking back, 2016 was a successful year in the region on the fishing front. There was always a style of fishing that produced results during every month. Even during July, which is usually one of the slowest months, turned out to be one of the best!
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Time to get fly
Wayne Dubois | December 2016

It’s not all about the lures and flies. Local fishing guru Brad Harvey with one of the many cod he has been catching with yabbies at Blowering Dam.

Freshwater fishing in our lakes can slowly start to get tough this month, due to the consistent hot weather, high water temperatures and extra angler activity. To maximise your chances of some action this month, you’ll need to focus your efforts super early, late in the day and into the night especially. I say night especially because during the hottest months of the year, the best action for the natives comes after dark. The water and air temperatures drop to a much more comfortable level and the fish – just like us – feel more at ease to head out in search of a good feed.
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