Which is the ‘lecky for you?
Steve Starling | June 2017

Bow-mounted electric motors allow pinpoint placement of your boat for accurate, effective casting.

Last month we looked at the benefits of using an electric motor. Now it’s time to examine the choices on offer and decide which make, model and configuration might best suit your particular fishing needs.
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Why fit a ‘lecky?
Steve Starling | May 2017

Bow-mounted electric motors have radically altered the way we fish from boats, especially when casting lures or flies.

Those who’ve never used them sometimes look askance at the expensive electric motors mounted on other angler’s vessels and ask what the point is in owning one. In the first of a two-part series on the benefits of using electric motors, let’s answer that important question.
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The ABCs of squid catching
Steve Starling | April 2017

The southern calamari squid is highly prized by anglers and is capable of reaching a couple of kilos in weight.

Catching squid can be either a means to an end, or a fun and fulfilling sport in its own right. Whatever your motivation, here are some basic tips on how to do it more efficiently.
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Avoiding the ramp rage
Steve Starling | March 2017

Even single-handed boat launching and recovery shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you have a prior plan. Of course, a good drive-on trailer helps, too!

When it comes to boat launching and recovery, prior preparation prevents poor performance!
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Prepare for a wild bass chase
Steve Starling | February 2017

Kayaks and canoes are ideal vessels when it comes to chasing river-dwelling Australian bass. Light to medium spinning tackle works well.

Summer time is bass time, and chasing wild bass in our coastal rivers and creeks is an extremely addictive pastime. The natural range of Australian bass includes coastal rivers and creeks stretching all the way from Bundaberg in Queensland to Wilsons Promontory in Victoria.
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How to use crab lures
Steve Starling | December 2016

The author with an absolute horse of a black bream taken on a Cranka crab.

There are several different makes and models of crab-imitating lures on Australian tackle store shelves, but many anglers still seem confused about how to best present and work these offerings. Lures and fly patterns intended to imitate crabs have been around for many years, but there’s been a real surge of interest in these cunning crustacean copies over the past few seasons, thanks largely to the immense success of Steve Steer’s highly innovative Cranka Crab range.
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Stayin’ alive!
Steve Starling | December 2016

A few very basic steps can not only improve your enjoyment of summertime fishing, but also dramatically reduce the likelihood of injury from accidents and mishaps.
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Finessing the heavyweights
Steve Starling | November 2016

The concept of finesse fishing doesn’t only apply to the lighter end of the fishing spectrum. It can also pay big dividends when dealing with our true heavyweights!
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Putting on a puppet show
Steve Starling | October 2016

Even the best crab-imitating lure is unlikely to get eaten unless you work it to look like a crab. That means dead slow and on or near the bottom.

It turns out that successful lure fishing and puppetry have a great deal in common!
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