The otolith is the ear bone of a fish that is used to determine the fish’s age.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries run a long term monitoring program (LTMP), which monitors the status of key species. The program uses a combination of techniques such as age collection from otoliths as well as the collection of length data from harvested fish in both the recreational and commercial sectors. Length data is recorded from surveying the catch by DAF staff.
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How many bass are in lake Samsonvale?
Stefan Sawynok | April 2016

Tagging effort in Lake Samsonvale.

If that sounds like the kind of philosophical question asked by fishers forever, you would be right. Most of the time it’s the question that gets asked when things aren’t going well and often with swear words. Still, it’s an important question when you are stocking fish.
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Catch and release – we have a way to go
Stefan Sawynok | March 2016

Those who practice catch and release as a conscious act are to the left, those that practice it as a legal requirement to the right.

It might be a good idea to put down your cornflakes before reading this article. Actually, better you finish them first.
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Bag Limits – How Good Are They?
Stefan Sawynok | February 2016

Overall mangrove jack caught per trip 2000-2015 Statewide (Suntag data).

Facebook is a wonderful thing – over the Christmas break I had only two things in my feed, Star Wars and fishing, of course the only thing that has changed since then is now I get more fishing. One topic that has come up, especially among the younger locals is the issue of bag limits, especially around sportfish species.
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