Murray cod on lures
Robbie Alexander | April 2012

Don’t be afraid to use very large lures, especially in the cooler months. This 60cm cod fell to a 150mm JD Superbug being trolled in the submerged river course at lake Mulwala.

For a long time I was an exclusive user of hardbodied lures when targeting Murray cod. The rest of the world seemed to be using spinnerbaits while I found it too hard to step away from the lures that had served me well for so many years to explore something new.
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Murray Cod madness
Robbie Alexander | December 2011

A 65cm Murray cod taken in lake Mulwala on a Native lures Crayfish.

December 1 spells the start of Murray cod madness for another season – how I love chasing cod.
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Blade the Way
Robbie Alexander | November 2011

A selections of different types and colours of blades. There is one for every occasion here.

In recent years there has been an explosion in the popularity of the relatively small, skinny lures known as blades.
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The rise and rise of Lake Eildon
Andy McCarthy | December 2010

Murray cod love plastics, this one took a Berkley T Tail in black and gold.

To say the amount of rain Eildon has received has been good would be an understatement.
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The Magic of Mulwala
Roger Miles | December 2008

This is what Lake Mulwala is all about: big cod on lures. No other waterway in Australia comes close to producing Murray cod with the consistency that Mulwala does.

Lake Mulwala has a deserved reputation as the best Murray cod fishery in Australia. No other water comes close to producing Murray cod with such consistency and in such numbers as Lake Mulwala. Recent seasons have been the best ever and it is great to see the growing trend of anglers practising catch and release so that the fishing will continue to improve.
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A great view of the Eildon Pondage from the top of the spillway.

For trout fishers looking for an off-season fix, the Eildon Pondage has several advantages. It’s close to Melbourne, it’s heavily stocked with trout and, best of all, it’s open for fishing all year round. VFM’sRod Grotaers – himself with plenty of experience – caught up with some other Pondage experts. Together they’ve spilt the beans on how to maximise your success on your next trip to ‘The Pond’.
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Bruce Smith | March 2005

The Rubicon River begins as rainfall sustaining life within the lush green Royston Ranges. The excess turns into flowing veins of water that form small streamlets to enter the Royston River.
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