Garry Smith | November 2010

Another consideration is using a reel that can handle a swim or two. Invariable it ends up in the water at some stage – usually when you turn turtle in the canoe.

It’s time to get down to the serious business of fishing. As stated in the October issue of QFM, for me fishing is the main course, while for others on our canoe trips, it is merely a side dish. If I was told that I was not allowed to fish during the expedition, I’d give serious thought to whether I went at all!
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Pointing the Fingermark
Garry Smith | May 2010

Our 14th annual Hinchinbrook Rent a Yacht houseboat trip started with more of a whimper than a bang. The fishing was slow in the first few days with the grunter and GT scarce compared to previous years, but then the fingermark came…
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10 Minutes with Greg Reynolds
Lee Brake | November 2009

As a skipper Greg is glued to his sounder.

This month, I had the pleasure of sitting down for a coffee with Mackay charter boat skipper, marine surveyor and YouTube junkie, Greg Reynolds.
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Make the most of Mackay’s Marina
Lee Brake | September 2009

The Mackay Marina is abundant with fishing options and a great place to explore.

Mackerel season is well underway and the Mackay Harbour break wall is once again filled with crowds of excited locals and tourists.
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Bashing Bozos in Snags for Barra
Mark Ward | September 2009

Roll, twitch, lift, drop and boof, usually in that order.
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Caught up in the weed
Daniel Grech | July 2009

A barra tailing on a shallow weed bed is the perfect target for weedless lures.

Impoundment barra fishing without weed is like motocross without mud, football without grass and cricket without a pitch – they go together hand-in-hand. Weed is part of the environment that our chosen sport revolves around and, like in any other sport, the competitor must use the environment to their advantage.
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Eungella Sooty Magic
Daniel Grech | February 2009

A healthy pair of Eungella Dam sooties taken on the surface and in the deep off the same snag.

Nestled 600m above sea level and surrounded by scarlet, dusty dirt is a body of water that holds some of the biggest, most aggressive sooty grunter in Australia. If you have ever been to Eungella Dam and caught one of these hard hitting overgrown fish you would understand why it’s classed as the best impoundment sooty fishing in Australia.
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Tackling The Gulf’s Tricky Tuna
Jason Jesse | April 2008

Northern longtails of this size are great entertainment on fly gear.

To most anglers the southern Gulf port of Karumba is the gateway to great barramundi missions and nailing a feed of big grunter or fingermark. But what if the fishing gods are not smiling on you and, for whatever reason, you end up in the Gulf smack bang in the middle of winter.
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Karumba 2008 Sport – Fishing Options
Jason Jesse | February 2008

Big GTs are hard work but worth smiling about once you have boated them. One is usually enough for most people.

Great lure and fly fishing is sure to follow the onset of the wet, especially once the rain has finished and the water has cleared. In t Fish on Parkyn his regard, Karumba will be the perfect place to call in.
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