Late-season bass
Dave Mclean | April 2011

Autumn is my favourite time of the year to be on the water chasing bass.
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Late-season trout tips
Richard Barnsley | April 2009

A steady breeze blew down from the mountains, carrying the chill of high country snow. I paused to turn up the collar of my jacket, then fired a cast above an obvious mid-stream boulder.
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A week on Wagonga
Steve Williamson | April 2008

Steve Williamson is better known for his guided trout fishing but before moving to Jindabyne he was well acquainted with Pittwater, the Hawkesbury and Georges rivers and Botany Bay. He approaches each day with a different mindset from most anglers and in this article Steve and friends experience a tough week at Narooma. Steve’s open-minded approach produced when most other anglers would have had a terrible week.
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Carp on plastics
Wayne Dubois | March 2007

The European carp was first introduced into Australia in the early 1900s for, believe it or not, food and sport. Unfortunately, during the 1970s there was extensive flooding and carp managed to get from farm dams into our waterways and we all know that from there they spread like rabbits.
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