Plumbing the depths
Roderick Walmsley | March 2011

A rod loaded up and rigged in a Cannon manual downrigger. This model is mounted on a swivel base that slots into the boat’s rod holder. It’s portable and easy to use on the boat of your choice.

Around 7am we pulled up on a popular reef off the Gold Coast. We were keen to try for a Spanish mackerel so had forgone the early morning bite period to try to catch some live bait that we intended to troll slowly.
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Jigging: A sporting chance
Roderick Walmsley | November 2009

yellowtail kingfish are the principal jigging targets from about the Sunshine Coast to Adelaide

Rods and reels continue to evolve and the boys in the back room are constantly coming up with upgraded models of reels which feature more and more cranking power.
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Surviving the snags
Roderick Walmsley | February 2009

To skull-drag a decent hooked fish from the bank across this tangle of timber, you have to have enormous faith in your knots, leader and terminal tackle, a strong rod – and a great deal of luck!

The little hardbody lure sailed a little too far through the air and landed tight against the branch protruding from the bank, the wrong side of the tree. The bass hit the lure before my mate even turned the handle.
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Live-baiting LBG longtails
Darren Borg | June 2008

With so many fishos now using lures to target their fish, the art of bait fishing, especially with live bait, is often neglected.
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Toonumbar’s hidden treasures
Roderick Walmsley | December 2007

A typical bay in Toonumbar Dam that contains thick weed beds that drop into deeper water. Look for bass on the weed edges later in the day and right up on top of the weed in the early morning and around dark.

Hidden in the hills behind the little town of Kyogle is a little gem of a waterway called Toonumbar Dam. It was built in 1972 across Iron Pot Creek, in the headwaters of the Richmond River catchment, and holds about 11,000 megalitres when full.
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Towadi – a tantalising topwater treat
Roderick Walmsley | July 2006

The small surface lure landed tight up against the rock wall. I let it sit for a few seconds and then started a walk-the-dog retrieve which got the lure swaying enticingly from side to side.
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