Starting a whole new game
Jason Scerri | April 2013

Caroline Scerri with her first yellowfin tuna, taken from a 6m trailer boat just 10nm off Bermagui.

Many anglers spend thousands of dollars and countless hours in the dream of catching game fish from their trailer boat.
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Spin up some fun
Jamie Robley | March 2013

Bonito are more commonly encountered during late Summer and early Autumn from rocks that front reasonably deep water. Lure speed is a real key to catching them.

Along with many other anglers, at this time of year I’m always keen to step onto my local rock ledges and pelt lures for the run of pelagic fish.
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Wonderful whiting
Gary Earl | October 2011

Small poppers are becoming popular to catch bigger whiting. Try for some sort of red in the lure or the treble hook dressing, it seems to work better.

Whiting have a loyal following of anglers, partly due to the numbers of places these little silver vacuums can be found, partly because they are relatively abundant, partly because they fight well for their size and, very importantly, they are absolutely delicious.
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Gearing up for bass
Jamie Robley | September 2011

Tournament angler Wayne Beazley with a bass that smashed a surface lure just before sunrise. That’s certainly a good time to try for bass on the top.

It’s that time of year again, when a host of bass anglers come out of hibernation. As Spring fills the air, the good old Aussie bass captures their imagination.
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Grab a crab – with care!
Gary Earl | December 2010

Two just legal mud crabs in a fully enclosed trap. These traps can be left out longer – overnight where legal.

I can remember my first experience with a mud crabs as if it were yesterday. I was minding my own business flicking lures for barramundi and mangrove jacks on the Lee Point Road at Buffalo Creek boat ramp, just out of Darwin.
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Bass Vs Bream Topwater Tips
Jamie Robley | November 2010

This bass smashed a small popper off the surface.

At this time of year one of the most popular styles of fishing around the southeastern part of the country is casting surface lures to bream and bass.
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Top tips for bream luring
Jamie Robley | May 2010

Lure casting for bream has become one of the most popular forms of fishing this country has ever seen. Given that bream, in one form or another, can be found right around Australia’s coastline, it’s certainly easy enough for most coastal anglers to try their luck on bream at any time of the year.
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Find your own estuary bait
Jamie Robley | January 2010

Although lure fishing has become immensely popular in recent years, there’s no doubt that natural baits remain highly effective when it comes to catching a feed of fresh fish. Species like bream, flathead and whiting are particularly fond of food that lives around our estuaries but so too are blackfish, flounder, jewfish and others.
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Bream up the creek
Jamie Robley | August 2009

Bream inhabit all parts of an estuary, river or lake system and while the odd fish may be encountered just about anywhere, the majority tend to congregate in certain places.
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