Charlie Carruthers | June 2017

Do you ever look at photos in old fishing magazines and books and think you were born too late, or wonder what the fishing would have been like 70 years ago?
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The ever-charming Jounama Creek
Adam Smith | June 2017

Jounama Creek offers a picturesque backdrop to lay a floating line and a dry fly over with excellent results.

Jounama Creek is a small creek that winds its way from the Snowy Mountains high country to the base of Talbingo Mountain. Believed by some to be an natural trout spawning stream, Jounama Creek is packed with small rainbow and brown trout boasting beautiful colours and markings. It was my pick of the mountain streams this summer.
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Beach fishing – baits or lures?
Jamie Robley | May 2017

Solid salmon like this provide first-rate sportfishing fun when light lure casting tackle is used. As aggressive as salmon can be though, they’re also a fickle fish at times and refuse all lures, while still taking baits.

Surf beaches along the New South Wales coastline offer some good fishing throughout the year, but the autumn months are when things really gain momentum. This is a period when most species are actively swimming through the gutters, looking for a meal. If you strike it on a good day the fishing can be exceptional.
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‘Set and forget’ can be good, or bad, depending on what species you’re targeting.

In the final installment of this series, we’ll be looking at bait and lure presentation, and the other little one percenters that give us an edge when we’re out on the water. This is an area often overlooked by anglers, but in reality it can make all the difference.
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I’m Rupe, my mate is Michael ‘Foxy’ Fox, and we’re both advertising sales reps for Fishing Monthly. The only difference is that he’s a seasoned veteran from Qld and I’m a young whipper snapper from NSW. Our recent fishing battle was the latest chapter in that age-old story about the old bull up against the young bull, with the added spice of state vs state and bait vs bait!
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Kiwi kingfish tactics for Aussie anglers
Chris Firkin | April 2017

Young Jake Milbank landed this kingy off Whakatane while chasing snapper in 8m of water. He couldn’t put to much drag on the fish and that’s probably the reason he caught it. The harder you pull on them, the harder they pull on you.

In December’s issue I talked about what us kiwis do a little differently as far as trout fishing is concerned. This month we talk about our biggest asset as far as most Australian anglers are concerned and the reason to travel across the ditch. We call them ‘hoodlums’ and they are exactly that. They grow to 50kg+. Where I’m from (Whakatane) 30kg is classed as a good one and 40kg is a trophy.
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Your complete guide to crabs
Steve Morgan | April 2017

Fish Candy’s Smash Crab is finding a nice little niche amongst offshore anglers – red emperor, snapper and many other reefies love a feed of crab. Pic courtesy River 2 Sea.

Roll back the clock five years and you wouldn’t find many anglers with a crab-style lure in the tackle box. Sure, some companies tried to get a crab imitation right, but a lack of appetite combined with a lack of knowledge meant that these baits seemed destined for the specials bin – usually sooner rather than later.
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Tackling the issue of tackle
Sean Thompson | April 2017

A single hook that’s been in the salt can cause other hooks around it to rust if put straight back in a tackle box without being washed and dried.

Tackle choice and preparation is a key area for critical for angling success, but can be an area which is both overwhelming and generally misunderstood by many anglers. This month, we will look at what you may be doing wrong in your tackle preparation, and how you can change that to catch more fish.
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Presenting a fresh spin on catching snapper
Stephen Worley | April 2017

Snapper on spinnerbaits started off as an experiment by the author, but now it’s his go-to method.

Here’s a story that’s not only for the snapper anglers looking for something new, but will hopefully also inspire other anglers to explore new ways to freshen up their fishing.
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