All things jumbo tuna in June
Kelly Hunt | June 2017

John Peck and his band of fishos love a bit of winter angling.

What do you look to chase in Tasmania in June, I hear you say? It is unequivocally and unashamedly all about jumbo bluefin tuna. A ‘jumbo’ is a bluefin over the magical 100kg mark. This time of year is the time to find them.
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Catching tasty Tassie plate fish
Kelly Hunt | May 2017

Blue-eye bring smiles to dials.

May is the start of the colder weather. It’s a fact that summer has long since departed, but there is some good news for fishing here in Tasmania at this time of year. May is where the Tasmanian autumn has really kicked in and weather patterns are fairly settled.
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Trent Clifford caught this lovely striped trumpeter around Pedra Branca from the 80m line.

It’s something we face every year and it should get easier as time wears on, but it doesn’t. It is like a dark cloud that looms over the top of us causing despair. I am talking of course about the end of daylight savings for another season.
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Tasmania is coming on strong
Kelly Hunt | March 2017

Tassie’s North West Coast is firing with plenty of flatties.

This season has started off with a bang and has continued to fire. Amazingly it has not been one area or specific species coming on strong, but Tasmania as a whole. This will continue right throughout April.
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Keeping track of the crazy changing fishies
Kelly Hunt | February 2017

You never know what will come up for a bite next.

Just when you think the fishing in Tasmania is as crazy good as it can get, boom – it grabs another gear and says, “Watch this!”
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Tasmanian break – time to get reel!
Kelly Hunt | December 2016

Nathan Williams found a stonking gummy at Montague.

It beggars belief, but another year is done and dusted – poof, gone! It’s January and a new year means 12 months’ worth of holidays saved up. Hopefully now you can take some. This month is about getaways and shack life. The weather has improved dramatically and the daylight hours are long. These are perfect conditions. It’s time to get away and enjoy some coastal fishing and a slower pace for a while.
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Summer, you little ripper
Kelly Hunt | December 2016

Early season mako can be small, but no less tasty.

December’s here again. There are two things to be happy about this month – Santa’s coming and the good weather is finally upon us. We can chat about Santa later, for now let’s praise the weather gods and see what we can get up to. The wet months have well and truly passed us by. Animals in pairs and old men with super long grey beards can relax... the giant wooden boat cruise is cancelled.
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On the chew in October
Kelly Hunt | October 2016

Graham Purton with a very nice squid from the Sisters Beach area.

Sunday 2 October is a date anglers must mark and celebrate with gusto. Why? Because daylight savings starts! It’s go time and time to fire up. I know that spring was last month, but as always Tassie is a little behind. October is the month where we can all get a little Egyptian and worship the great Ra, God of the sun.
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Thoroughly Tassie Techniques
Kelly Hunt | September 2016

September in Tasmania is a like a Wednesday in the working week. You’re over the hill, and it’s all cruising to the weekend. We maintained the passion for fishing through winter wild weather. We’ve battled snow, wind and rain. We reached the top, and fishing is what’s left to enjoy as we head into summer months.
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