River flows are high
Darcy Scherger | November 2016

With river levels high with a fast flowing pool here in the Mildura region, water continues to be dirty and makes it hard for the local lure fishers. The dirty water has managed to stay around, but there have been several good reports in some locations around Mildura with the odd fantastic golden perch.
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Stocking mishap brings smiles
Robbie Alexander | November 2016

Ryan Brockwell was very excited to have the opportunity to go fishing in Merriwa Park during the spring school holidays recently.

Rain has drenched North East Victoria (and the rest of the state) throughout September, leading to widespread flooding. This is short-term pain for long-term gain in the Ovens River catchment.
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Rivers turned into washing machines
Nick Brown | November 2016

Kaleb Oxley with a nice redfin from Craigmuir Lake.

This has been one of the hardest months to report on in our region. The wet winter has rolled over into a very wet spring, and in early October the local Broken and Goulburn rivers have been hovering around the minor flood level and on some occasions, bursting their banks and overflowing into some of the local streets.
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Laked and loaded with water
Andy McCarthy | November 2016

Weather patterns are all over the place right across the country with wide spread flooding and lakes spilling over their walls. Its almost bittersweet – great to see our lakes filling, heartbreaking for our farmers when it all hits at once.
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Most likely, more floods to come
Roger Miles | November 2016

My predictions for the region have come to fruition over the last couple of weeks. With the catchments saturated, the region’s reservoirs reached high levels again this season. What I didn’t predict was how quick it would happen.
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Spring into prime time
Shane Stevens | November 2016

We’ve had a big start to spring fishing in the Ballarat district. Rain continues to fall and most of our lakes and fisheries are full to overflowing. This hasn’t happened since late 2010. Hopefully the rain continues, as some of the waters in the western district and west of state still need a lot of water to bring them back to 2010 conditions.
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Trout are out and about
Will Thompson | November 2016

Matt Reid caught this 44cm trout trolling the bank edges of Blue Rock with Tassie devils.

It’s been one of the best trout openings this decade and everyone seems to be back into trout mode, and why not? There’s plenty around.
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Keeping stocks up for anglers
Robbie Alexander | October 2016

October can be a fantastic time of the year to fish in the Wangaratta area. Sadly, there are no real catchable fish species in Wangaratta itself, other than European carp. There are other waterways in the region, which offer great spring.
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Settle in for a fish in the lakes
Nick Brown | October 2016

Our local rivers could either be picture-perfect, dirty or in flood. The late winter and early spring rains have made it hard to predict what’ll happen in October. If we get rain, I hope it’s not all at once. When the rivers have had a couple weeks to settle down, with some rain, it’ll be perfect time to chase Broken River yellowbelly. There are three areas that are best when we get spring rain – the weirs along the Broken and below the lake in Benalla.
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