Codzilla back on the market
Darcy Scherger | December 2016

As the rivers are still extremely high and dirty at Mildura and cod opening is now upon us, it’s going to be hard work for the lure anglers amongst us within the Murray River.
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Summer rainy, summer cod crazy
Robbie Alexander | December 2016

All winter and spring I’ve been writing about the rain in my fishing reports. Early in October and without warning, the rain stopped. It stopped dead – we’ve barely had a drop since I typed my last report. This is fantastic news for us anglers, because the early to mid spring rainfall has provided fantastic Murray cod spawning conditions with the floodwater, but the floodwater should subside in time for the opening of the Murray cod season.
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The wait is finally over and cod season is here. We’ve had a funny spring and didn’t get our usual sudden heat wave. In 2015, we had bushfires in the spring. This year we had plenty of flooding, both minor and major in certain areas. The long-range weather forecast looks perfect for settled rivers to fish cod opening.
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Fish are increasing in number
Andy McCarthy | December 2016

Where has this year gone? Those who braved a lot of the often cool and windy conditions have been rewarded big time with the natives just on fire all over the lake, from September right through to now. It has something to do with the relatively slow increase of the water temperature – the temperature rise is normally very fast and jumps from 10-11°C up to 16-17°C in a month, but this year’s had cooler temperatures.
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Bendigo about to boom
Roger Miles | December 2016

We are set for a great season in the Bendigo region. It’s been a slow start to the season so far due to poor water clarity and water temperatures that are still low for this time of the year. The good news is that rainfall in recent weeks has been minimal and water clarity has started to improve in many areas. Water temperatures are steadily increasing and we should see a dramatic improvement in the fishing productivity over the next few weeks.
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High flows cause bream woes
Rod Shepherd | December 2016

The Curdies bream are currently very finicky, but the author managed to land this one on a Damiki Saemi minnow twitched extremely slow across the lake’s surface.

As I sit here writing this report, it’s raining, yet again. As far as generally trying to live outdoors, plus trying to get a vegetable garden going; it’s tough work with all the waterlogged back yards (including mine) to contend with.
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Wendouree’s wow factor
Shane Stevens | December 2016

Wastell 2016 Winner Ross Machar from the Yarra Valley Fly Fishers Club with a magnificent Wendouree brown trout of 2.34kg

The Ballarat and district anglers are now blessed for choices of waters that they can fish after one of the wettest spring months on record since 1916. A record 162.19mm of rain actually fell in September and continued on throughout the remaining months of spring, and now all our lakes and waterways in the district are full, and true to their word, Fisheries Victoria, as part of the Target 1 Million campaign, have stocked nearly every lake in the state with trout, yellowbelly or Murray cod. This now put us in good stead for fishing for the next couple of years.
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Constant rain keeps trout happy
Will Thompson | December 2016

What a trout season so far – don’t forget about the bass either, as they’ve been going good as well. The constant rain and wind hasn’t been much liked by the saltwater anglers. However, the trout guys don’t mind at all, as it has kept all our rivers up high and flowing well, which has given us a ripper trout season so far. We should have a few good months left as well.
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River flows are high
Darcy Scherger | November 2016

With river levels high with a fast flowing pool here in the Mildura region, water continues to be dirty and makes it hard for the local lure fishers. The dirty water has managed to stay around, but there have been several good reports in some locations around Mildura with the odd fantastic golden perch.
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