Cod may be too cool, but trout are warming up
Robbie Alexander | April 2017

Something you don’t see every day – a double hook-up on surface lures. Hugh Blythe caught his cod on a Koolabung Codwalker and Will O’Connor caught his on a Rochows Timber surface lure, made by Tom Rochow – a very talented Beechworth High School student.

April is a beautiful time to go fishing. The weather is usually quite stable, the days are mild to warm and the nights are cool to cold, making conditions ideal for camping.
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Good news after black water uncertainty
Nick Brown | April 2017

Justin Williams with a small cod on the fly

After a dramatic start to the year things are starting to look up in our region. We all had grave concerns about the black water event, which killed so many fish and turned a lot of fishos off fishing the Goulburn.
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Popular Bendigo places are productive
Roger Miles | April 2017

Good numbers of golden perch are being caught in the Loddon River and Campaspe River systems.

The fishing around the Bendigo area continues to be very productive. We’re lucky, because the productivity in the fishing is currently good at all of the popular destinations around Bendigo. It’s the most productive I have seen it in over a decade. The good news is that the productivity in the fishing should stay high for at least another couple of months.
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Rejuvenated river has bass and reddies
James Perry | April 2017

Jamie Cooper proving yet again he has Lake Fyans figured out.

With recent environmental flows from Rocklands Reservoir, the upper Glenelg River is rejuvenated and looking more like a river instead of a series of pools and puddles. These flows have come at a perfect time for bass to migrate downstream with the hopes of breeding, or just moving on to a better looking snag. These flows also promote movement of schooled redfin as they go their own way for winter.
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Estuaries looking good for Easter
Rod Shepherd | April 2017

An average Hopkins bream taken on a Pontoon 21 Greedy Guts minnow lure worked on the edge of the deeper water adjacent to the mudflats.

A mild autumn with some rainfall bodes well for us, as long as we receive another decent winter. I’m not expecting the sheer amount of rainfall that we received last year, but even half that amount will keep our estuaries in reasonable health.
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Wendouree’s big reds are biting hard
Shane Stevens | April 2017

Nathan Angee with a magnificent Wendouree redfin caught on an Ecogear Powershad soft plastic.

Fishing in the Ballarat district over the past month has been a bit on the lean side with Lake Wendouree still the shining light for the district. Wendouree is a renowned trout fishery, but not over the past month. Big redfin are showing up and taking the mantle as the number one catch.
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Mark Ramsey with a Victorian barramundi from Hazelwood Pondage caught on a soft plastic fished on the bottom with a slow roll.

Summer is over, but it seems like the fishing has only gotten better and better. With the season coming a bit late this year, I think we’re in for some top fishing over next few months.
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Caught waiting for the chance to catch cod
Daniel Piazza | April 2017

Alex with a stocky 75cm cod.

We all know that feeling when the holidays are over and there are lots of work days and not so many fishing days. We catch ourselves stargazing and wondering what it’s like up at Eildon. Is anyone fishing? Are they catching that majestic Murray cod? Then we see that the rising barometer spikes on a Monday morning at 1027 and we’re jumping into the car to go to work for another hard week at the grindstone.
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All that glitters is golden perch
Darcy Scherger | March 2017

Gareth Collinson looking fly with his golden capture.

Around the Mildura region the fishing has been red hot. Golden perch have been providing much enjoyment for local anglers, especially lure fishers around the region.
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