Offshore crazy kingfish captures
Jim Mcclymont | July 2017

Pauline Connelly with her 9kg+ monster kingy.

Our estuary system rebounded and is fishing well again. Plenty of bream are being taken along the Snowy River all the way up to the highway bridge at Orbost, making the fishing platforms that have been erected prime fishing spots along both sides of the river all the way down to the Marlo Road causeway turn-off.
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Brilliant black bream blading
Brett Geddes | July 2017

Mick Dee has found big bream in just about every corner of the Gippy Lakes.

It’s a bream jackpot! The last four weeks have been extraordinary when it comes to luring up big black bream and the action should get even better as we get further into winter. There have been no significant rain events of late, and that means clean salty water has filled Lake Wellington and brought a whole heap of fish with it.
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Entrance closed again in the Bemm
Robyn Sturgess | July 2017

Recently the entrance has only just closed. It opened late in May and only stayed open for a week. The water level dropped considerably during this period.
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Late season fishing looks up
Will Thompson | July 2017

Domonic Barnes with a big salmon of around 5lb.

It was a mild autumn with relatively stable weather patterns throughout May. South Gippsland fishing remained consistent for species such as pinkie snapper, flathead and even yellowtail kingfish.
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Bream and big flatties firing
Brett Geddes | June 2017

A ripper Nicho River dusky flathead caught by Chris Hunt on a Hurricane Blade. This year’s run of flathead has once again been a highlight for the area.

The weather has been very kind, so no wonder everyone has been fishing so hard. Big flathead have been the real standout fish this month. Bream still seem to have lockjaw, but those who persevere with baits or lures have eventually scored big fish.
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Good captures despite little flows
Jim Mcclymont | June 2017

Seth Steed fishing from his kayak bagged a 59cm salmon on a metal lure.

The fishing in our estuary system is always good. Sometimes it’s better than others; right now it’s the other. One of the main reasons is the Snowy River entrance is almost closed. High tides allow water to enter the system and not much is running out to sea, so maybe the lack of tidal flow is altering the fish’s feeding habits.
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Bemm River has been a little quiet
Robyn Sturgess | June 2017

As we go through winter, the entrance will be open again, which should ensure some excellent fishing for the start of bream season!

The cooler weather is well and truly upon us now. Recently the entrance was closed with water levels high. Fishing has been rather quiet, but persistent anglers have managed to bring home nice catches.
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Offshore is looking cool
Will Thompson | June 2017

A late season kingfish caught offshore around the islands on a stickbait.

Winter is upon us, but it hasn’t really felt like it. The past month has been very mild with some cracking good weather that has left us with flat seas. This has allowed us to get out offshore more often.
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Blades are starting to account for a lot more bream. This Sting 37 in cracked black colour has hooked so many bream and just about lost all of its paint.

It’s the ultimate in bream fishing when you can watch fish and their every move while catching them. It can also be frustrating to see them ignore everything you put in front of them! With no significant rain for nearly three months now, the Gippy Lakes are in prime condition for bream and flathead sport.
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