Seeing red before Christmas
Luke Griffiths | November 2017

Craig with a nice red emperor that managed to avoid the sharks!

We are quickly approaching the final stages of another year once again, and some diehards are already setting up their Christmas decorations. With spring in full swing, we wind down the previous month with some great catches and look forward to the final month of spring as things look to heat up.
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Go all in for marlin
Lynton Heffer | November 2017


There’s a general feel around the traps that we might be in for a more traditional build up to the wet season this time around. Some indicators are already in place. The days are definitely warm and muggy, we’ve already seen a bit of good rainfall around the place and water temperatures are high.
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Beaut new lures and locations
Dave Hodge | November 2017

The ceiling fans are spinning faster than last time and fish are playing the game much better. From all reports mackerel have been around in numbers, but there are plenty of missed strikes but lots are being landed. No one can really explain the reason for winding back half wolfies and gar, but there are plenty of people having troubles out wide.
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Looking forward to a warmer, wetter season
Ryan Moody | November 2017

During the last month, we’ve caught spectacular fish inside the northern end of the channel, including a 30lb GT while casting for barra, 110cm black jewfish, 90cm golden snapper and quite a few big barra including our milestone 2000th metre plus fish. It’s definitely warmed up early this year and that would explain better than average fishing for September. Early northwesterlies slowed things a little at times, which is a pain but overall we can’t complain. It’s been pretty good.
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Cape York in November is a hot proposition
Tim O’reilly | November 2017

The weather is hot and the fishing even hotter. This is late spring and waterways, wetlands and coastal areas will all be alive with activity. Birds, bait and blue current lines full of fish will be the norm. Small coastal estuaries will be firing and the shallow inshore areas on the west coast will have all manner of hungry critters tearing their way through baitfish. Mornings will see most of the action near shore as conditions are typically settled and a consistent pattern of afternoon onshore breezes will stir things up a little.
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Fish early and late
Garry Smith | November 2017

Fishing has been patchy of late, with some awesome catches and other trips coming up short. The calm seas have been heavily used by those wanting to head east and this month should see a continuation of significant periods of flat water. Boating conditions and fishing will hopefully be ideal, though a tad on the warm side. Working your fishing excursions around dawn and dusk and avoiding the heat of day will both improve your catch rate and comfort level.
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Rivers and reefs on their spawning run
Ben Stack | November 2017

In November, barramundi get a rest from fishers right through until 1 February due to the closed season for this species. The barramundi will be spawning at river mouths and headlands as the weather builds up in the Cape. As the storm cells brew and the weather becomes unbearably hot, a lot of other ocean and river species will be on their spawning run.
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Hinchinbrook in the heat
Jeff Wilton | November 2017

When I sit down to type the November article for this magazine I always wonder, where the heck did the year go? With the day-to-day routines revolving around work, family and home duties, it’s increasingly harder to get a rod in your hand. For those lucky enough to be hitting the water, Lucinda has great things on offer. The water is hot, the weather is hot and best of all the fishing should be hot.
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Queenfish are built for speed and excitement.

It has always amazed me how quickly you can get warmed up in winter when that rod loads up as a fast powerful fish rips off some line. It’s winter time in Lucinda and the bluewater is where the fun is at.
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