Cracker lead up to Chrissy
Grayson Fong | December 2016

David Simmons with some healthy Redcliffe bream.

With the sights and sounds of a nearing festive season flooding our eyes and ears, in the back of our minds we know this can lead to one very important scenario, days off work!
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Mark Frendin with a big blue marlin.

December usually marks the arrival of the warm East Australian Current on the inshore grounds off the Gold Coast and with it the arrival of mahimahi, juvenile black marlin, mackerel, tuna and wahoo. It’s always hard to predict the abundance of certain species, and the news from more northern ports as far as the run of juvenile black marlin is concerned is not encouraging.
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Wazza Schmidt with a monster of a Moreton Bay bream. Check out the lips! This fish took a liking to a surface stickbait.

December has rolled around already – another year is done and dusted and it’s been a great one for fishing in Moreton Bay. While the weather has been fairly hit and miss of late, there have been plenty of fish to be caught. From whiting to snapper, summer in Moreton Bay is a great time of the year!
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Ho ho holiday fishing options
Gordon Macdonald | December 2016

Longtails can be tempted on a broad array of artificials at times. This one engulfed Jordon's 115mm Madscad just out from Green Island.

With the hot sun bearing down during December, water temperatures will be high and piscatorial activity at a premium. Late afternoon storms are commonly preceded by rising barometers, and this heightens the activity and aggressiveness of many species, from inshore mangrove jacks to offshore marlin. December offers anglers some quality fishing with species such as mackerel, longtail tuna, mangrove jacks, sharks, threadfin, crabs and numerous others.
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Summertime fishing turns the heat on
Mick Morris | December 2016

Jumpinpin keeps producing quality flathead all year long.

On those real hot December days, there’s nothing better than beating the heat by being out on the water and having a fish. It’s best to get out early, as storms can blow in pretty quick and really put a dampener on any fishing trip.
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Prawns on the barbie, pelagics on the prawns
Damian Parker | December 2016

Damian with a great kingfish caught from Caloundra wide.

The Sunshine Coast is enjoying the arrival of warmer water and pelagics from Cape Moreton to the Hards. With holidays just around the corner, we’ll see an increase in both land-based and offshore fishos and why wouldn’t you want to holiday in this beautiful part of our magnificent country? There have been good numbers of sailfish, marlin, and mahi mahi. We’re even starting to hear of wahoo being caught.
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Fish early, anglers are schooling up
Danny Sands | December 2016

Beat the Christmas crowds and head to Hinze Dam for some quality bass like this specimen.

It’s a crazy time in the Southeast with school holidays and great weather. This can put pressure on the local estuaries and the close offshore reefs. Early morning trips and night fishing will be the way to score a feed in December. Whiting fishing in the Nerang River has been going nuts – plenty of whiting and a few good elbow slappers over 40cm have been landed recently. The key to whiting is to get a good supply of fresh bait like bloodworms, canal wrigglers, small soldier crabs and the humble yabbies.
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Summer’s on the way with big pelagics
Peter Wells | December 2016

Bruce Bate with some nice cobia from the reefs off Double Island.

What’s great about this time of the year? The Sunshine Coast rivers give us great options. Fishing the infamous Noosa River has seen a many species come from the upper reaches, but the most popular has to be the mangrove jack. For those of you that have never tangled with a jack, trolling hardbodies can be super effective to hook one. Work the many rock bars and deeper sections of the river to get results. Lures like the Lucky Craft Pointers and the Jackall Squirrels are perfect for...
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Why we’re excited about the new Deeper
Bob Thornton | October 2016

The Fishing Monthly team had a lot of fun marking bass on the Deeper unit and catching them.

The Australian market has seen some exciting new introductions lately, and leading the charge is the second generation of Deeper Fishfinders. The latest version, the Deeper Pro+, took out the John Dunphy Inovation award at the AFTA Trade show on the Gold Coast this year, and when you look at the specs, it’s no wonder why.
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