Stanage Bay is renowned for monster muddies like these.

Turtles are just about at the end of their season on the local beaches and islands, thus moving the tiger sharks to deeper water. The tiger sharks like munching on the young defenceless turtles. Usually by April, it is safe to swim again. Not sure where some people get their information on the shark decline. Obviously they have never visited Stanage waterways to fish.
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This tea-leaf trevally was taken on a 30g micro-jig west of Arch Cliff.

Recently, my wife and I spent a very enjoyable week on Norfolk Island. Just about everyone we know had already been over there, so we thought it better be our turn. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t take any fishing gear, the result of a most prudent decision to do just the tourist things. The week turned out to be jam packed with exploring the island’s beauty, catching up with lots of history and socialising with new friends.
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Hit and miss weather windows
Liam Jones | April 2017

One of the few reds that were landed on a recent trip. It’s the reason my camera now lives on the bottom of the ocean!

The weather gods finally started to play nice and we had a few decent breaks in the normal constant blow throughout March. Those that were lucky enough to get out were rewarded with great catches of redthroat emperor, which have been in plague proportions over the past few months. Even the closer, more pressured reefs have been producing solid fish in good numbers.
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Just about every species is biting well
Jason Medcalf | April 2017

Flathead will start moving more as the water temperature cools.

Last month was still hot and dry, but there was a distinct slight cooling in the early mornings and in the evenings. The water temperature really didn’t drop much, which is supposed to happen in March, but I expect April will see the start of cooler times ahead.
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Loving the Net Free Zone
Clayton Nicholls | April 2017

An average size timber dwelling barra that fell victim to a 75mm Atomic Shiner.

This is a great time of year to target every species you could possibly think of finding in Central Queensland. Everything is pretty active. A lot of the freshwater feeder creeks are dried up or running low due to the severe lack of rain in the region over summer.
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Pelagic action has got the blood pumping
Dane Radosevic | April 2017

Local young gun angler Brendan Blackburn got amongst the chaotic tuna action. This fish fell victim to a well-presented ZMan 5” StreakZ in baby bass.

For the mad keen pelagic anglers, Platypus Bay is the place to be this time of year and it is teeming with life. Massive congregations of bait have made their way into the bay and the predatory fish have followed suit. Longtail tuna are the main draw card at the moment. Big schools of fish have been seen working the bait balls and driving them to the surface.
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Hot and gusty weather
Scott Bradley | March 2017

A Rooneys Marlin caught at the start of summer.

It’s been one of those summers. We’ve battled scorching heat and we’ve had relentless winds over 25 knots from the north and southeast to deal with as well! It’s been a few years since we have experienced a summer weather pattern like this. It’s by no means uncommon on the Fraser Coast.
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Estuaries are firing around Stanage Bat
Von Ireland | March 2017

The author with a solid barra. Barra have been on the bite around the estuaries.

Since last month the Stanage Bay Road has deteriorated to a new level. Corrugation and pot holes extend from one end of the unsealed roadway to the next, including our Plumtree car park, which I believe should have been sealed by the Queensland Government with parking lines. For the amount of registrations and boating fees paid to the state government and not the local government, we should have a decent boat ramp and a descriptive car park all can understand.
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Leanne meets her first blackall at Round Island, Hervey Bay, and looks away, bashful.

There are some incredible experiences waiting for anglers in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean east of Breaksea Spit. Unless you take a very indirect route well to the north, you must cross the spit through one of the gutters that cross it. This might sound fairly straightforward, but the presence of big ocean swells can make the journey very hazardous.
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