Season ends in
Bryan Pratt | July 2017

Small Murray cod are still active in Canberra’s urban lakes. The larger specimens seem to have retired early for winter.

As always, the stream trout season in NSW and the ACT finished in a flurry of activity, for two main reasons. One, we had rain, which pepped up the streams and gave the fish a great late-season boost. Secondly we had the annual pre-spawn run of browns in the big rivers attached to the mountain lakes like the Eucumbene, Thredbo and Murrumbidgee.
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Have fish? Must travel
Adam Mears | July 2017

Mid-day goodoo are becoming a more regular occurrence for the author.

The mornings spent getting the boat out of the shed have been bitterly cold, but the fishing surprisingly sweet if you’re prepared to travel.
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Winter is the season for casting
Rod Mackenzie | July 2017

Mustad field tester Ng Yam Pin and the monster cod he landed on a surface lure in the pre-dawn light.

As the crisp chill of winter bites at the skin it seems time to don the scarf and beanie and hit the water in hopes of a bite.
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Only the keenest will catch keg cod
Rhys Creed | July 2017

The heart of winter means lots of casts with big lures for the chance at a monster cod. The buzzing activity that is associated with autumn slows right down with the almost freezing temperatures, but the one thing that stays on the prowl is the mighty Murray cod!
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Have the winter angling all to yourself
Wayne Dubois | July 2017

If you are like me and go fishing to get out into the great outdoors and away from everyone then July is definitely a great time of the year.
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Cod waking up for the winter
Rhys Creed | June 2017

Monster winter metre Murray cod that smashed the FX Fury soft plastic.

Many anglers believe that winter is the slow fishing period and the fish go dormant and hibernate for the winter months. That could not be further from the truth! I will agree that the smaller fish and the food all disappear, but the monster Murray cod switch right on!
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Natives and trout are worth going out
Wayne Dubois | June 2017

The Tumut River will be the place to be if you don’t like the crowds associated with the spawn run. There is still the opportunity to catch trophy-sized fish, but little to no anglers to contend with.

Winter is finally here and although the weather is getting colder, the fishing certainly isn’t. The trout fishing this month alone will be nothing short of amazing. There should also be a bit of native action going on as well as plenty of redfin action.
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The elephant in the room
Rod Mackenzie | June 2017

Golden perch are still a regular catch in the Murray River around Robinvale.

If you are looking for cod in our local waters, then Swan Hill has been the place to fish this past month.
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Brown trout that look like this for most of the year will soon be coloured up and running up the Eucumbene and Thredbo rivers on the annual pre-spawning run.

Canberra has long been home to some giant European carp. Local angler Jeffrey Morphett may have blitzed the field with a monster fish weighing 15.5kg caught recently in Canberra’s southernmost lake, Lake Tuggeranong. The fish was caught on a scrubworm on light line and took 40 minutes to subdue.
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