Go into depth with your cod techniques
Rhys Creed | December 2016

Continuing on from the theme of many other reports, it’s hard not to get excited about cod opening! Australian anglers have a soft spot for the icon as they are the ultimate predator and prized catch. We all love them, even when they play hard to get – that’s what makes every encounter with a cod so unique. Now’s the time to get back into targeting Murray cod!
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Calling all codaholics
Wayne Dubois | December 2016

It’s time to break out the big lures in hope of that fish of a lifetime. The Murray cod season is officially open and I can hear the codaholics out there saying, “It’s about time.” Every cod closed season feels longer then the last as we anticipate what sort of season is ahead of us. Floods at the right spawning time this year will have helped with natural recruitment this season. Crazy numbers of cracker cod encountered through the closed season show that signs are looking very good at this early stage of the season.
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More than cod to get excited about
Rod Mackenzie | December 2016

Digging for bardi grubs is hard work, but they’re the best bait going for Murray cod.

This season’s big rains have ensured a healthy, vibrant flush in many of our local rivers that have provided the optimum conditions for our native fish stocks to breed.
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Prime summertime fishing conditions
Bryan Pratt | December 2016

The weather remains the constant topic of conversation here. Mostly it’s about rain – how much we’ve had, how much more we’re going to get and how much is too much. It’s ironic that in an area where we were always short of rain, we now have more than we need and it looks like there’s more to come.
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Trolling on top takes trout
Steve Williamson | December 2016

Joel Fredriksson from Sweden with his first Australian trout.

The fishing has been good over recent months and with Lake Jindabyne’s water level is still quite high, the water temperatures are still fairly cool for December, and so the surface trout fishing is actually very good with plenty of trout being caught.
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The fishing is unbelievable!
Dean Mcfarlane | December 2016

We’ve had unbelievable fishing in all the dams, with the yellowbelly spawning and highly aggressive.
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Spring a yella
Tony Bennett | November 2016

Either Nostradamus or that German World Cup tipping octopus would be better off writing this report. Honestly, with recent rains and surrounding areas being in flood, who knows what the fish will be doing today, tomorrow or in a week?
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Golden days are ahead
Rhys Creed | November 2016

It’s been a very wet spring so far, which has refreshed the land and filled all our dams. Places like Blowering, Burrinjuck, Wyangala and Hume are full and looking incredible. The banks are covered in lush vegetation and the backdrops are beautiful green hills rather than bland clay banks. Even better news is the fishing is looking great for the month ahead.
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It’s a-trout time
Wayne Dubois | November 2016

As a freshwater fisho, you just have to love spring – another month with great weather and so many great fishing options. The trout season is back in full swing, both in the lakes and rivers. Golden perch fishing to be had in our lakes will be about as good as it gets until early next spring.
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