Less wet, better weather ahead
Kevin Gleed | December 2016

The past month has seen more rainfall, adding to what has already been a long wet season with still plenty of cool days. With summer around the corner, we should start to see hotter weather – it’s well and truly needed to liven up the town. The cold wet weather keeps the visitors moving, looking north for the sun. Fishing wise, there are fish to be caught so long as you’re prepared to put on a raincoat, rug up and have a shot.
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The usual fish are on fire
Stuart Hindson | December 2016

It’s hard to believe that summer is here already. The year has flown by and with Christmas around the corner, we’ll see an avalanche of visitors hitting our shores. The Merimbula region will look more like Bourke Street than a sleepy coastal town. It brings anglers – lots of them, so early morning starts will be the norm before the waterways get too busy with boat traffic, especially in the estuaries.
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A place for the kids
Darren Redman | December 2016

For many decades Tathra Wharf has been the place for young anglers to spend their school holidays chasing and catching fish. This season looks like it will be no different. There are all kinds of baitfish that call Tathra Wharf home, providing hours of entertainment for young anglers and older ones alike. This month there are plenty of slimy mackerel and yellowtail, which are falling to well presented strips of fish.
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Getting even better at Eden
Kevin Gleed | November 2016

After a cold wet winter it’s starting to warm up. With spring here and summer around the corner, more visitors are heading to the far south coast. It’s a great time to be here, before the town gets real busy over the Christmas holidays. The offshore water temperature is warming up around 18°C, a lot warmer than Mallacoota to the south.
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Warm up for a challenge on the cast
Kevin Gleed | November 2016

The town is quietest over the winter months and with the amount of rain we have had, you can understand why. Most visitors and holiday-makers are waiting for the weather to improve before heading to Mallacoota for a holiday, but with spring here and summer around the corner, it won’t be long untilthe town livens up.
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November wind will blow over
Stuart Hindson | November 2016

It’s been a windy start to November for the Merimbula region. The mornings have been okay, but by 10:00am those 30-40 knot northwesterly winds have wreaked havoc on fishos. I know that’ll change over coming weeks and we get the traditional northeasters in the afternoons, but at the minute it’s difficult.
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Time for Merimbula’s monster mulloway
Stuart Hindson | November 2016

Catching two mulloway in two casts isn't the easiest thing to do, but these boys managed just that! These fish went 90 and 81cm, and both fish were tagged and released.

It’s that time of year when the light bream outfits get pushed aside and the heavier, beefed-up mulloway sticks get their turn to shine! November is prime time for these silver marvels with Narooma’s Wagonga Inlet and Tuross Lake system to the north the areas to fish.
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Action on the wharf
Darren Redman | November 2016

Tathra Wharf has long been a favourite structure from which anglers can fish for a variety of different species. It’s a meeting place. As a kid, it was a great venture to catch up with mates, fish and do what young people do, creating fond memories.
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Black bream are firing in the upper system.

The Far South Coast over the winter months sees very few visitors, and Eden is no exception, but with the weather warming, it’s not a bad destination fishing wise, with a variety of fishing options available.
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