Big numbers busting up
Gary Earl | July 2017

The amount of fish in this area lately has been astounding. Huge bream, tailor, luderick and flathead are in and it’s winter – you tell me what’s going on. I don’t think it’s the water temperature, but the masses of bait that are passing through the Hunter Region. There are a lot of predators following them, so hopefully the fishing will still be red-hot.
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Winding lines in the thick of winter
Jamie Robley | June 2017

Luderick should be around our local rock ledges in good numbers this month. The Munmorah to Catherine Hill Bay area has many first-rate spots to target them. Always be careful and avoid fishing this part of the coast if the seas are rough.

It seemed to take a little longer to cool off this year, but now we’re well and truly in the icy grip of winter. Thankfully though, June is still an excellent time for various forms of fishing in our part of the world. Let’s take a look at what can be expected over the coming weeks.
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June is the time to chill
Jason Scerri | June 2017

Peter Glanville caught this whopper longtom on a recent Lake Mac fishing trip.

It seems like just the other day we had lovely warm weather and the talk was all about the warm waters offshore. Now we are looking at weekly forecasts of very chilly days and even chillier nights.
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The changing of the guard
Gary Earl | May 2017

Luderick are around in huge numbers at the moment. Some anglers love them, some hate them. If you bleed them straight away they taste a lot better.

The fishing has been pretty good around here lately, especially for luderick anglers. These guys have been bagging out along Horseshoe Beach and the lee wharves.
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Mick Pavlic caught this great bag of bonito that couldn’t refuse his fly presentation.

Welcome to May on Lake Macquarie. I am excited. I love this time of year. May, June and July are some of my favourite months for fishing the lake. For starters, the ambient temperatures have cooled considerably now, and that in itself makes fishing so much more pleasant.
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The current situation
Gary Earl | April 2017

Drummer should be more numerous from this month onwards. Don’t forget the heavy gear and cleats on your shoes for traction on the slippery rocks.

This month should see the sea change direction, with the water running back up the hill again to banana bender territory. Additionally, the fish that moved down on the warmer currents way down south will pass us. This makes April a great time to fish around the whole Hunter Coast, especially the rocks and beaches.
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Angler-friendly April has fish firing
Jamie Robley | April 2017

April is a prime month for beach fishing and just about all regular surf species are active. Mike Grant tried his luck at Soldiers Beach for bream and whiting.

Without question, April is the best fishing month in this part of the world. Rock, beach, offshore and estuary options are all highly productive for a range of species, and weather patterns are generally quite angler-friendly.
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Cracking bags of bream
Jason Scerri | April 2017

The author’s daughter with her PB bream caught recently. A solid fish that left her smiling for quite some time.

With summer behind us we can all look forward to more pleasant weather. It has been a very long, hot summer for most of Australia, and Lake Macquarie certainly copped its fair share of heat.
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While we can’t spend much time on the rivers, salmon are becoming a year-round fish on the Hunter Coast. Lures are especially good to catch them on and they are great to watch jumping around in the surf.

This summer the searing heat has been nearly unbearable. Waters that have seen some problems have made for hard fishing in our river systems. Luckily offshore, beach and rock fishing has saved us on the days we couldn’t get out on the rivers.
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