And still we wait. This has been without a doubt the crumbiest start to a gamefishing season anyone around here can remember. If it hasn’t been the monotonous procession of northeasterlies every couple of days, it’s been the cold, insipid water that has been almost totally devoid of bait and therefore predators.
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Start your summer with flatties
Gary Brown | December 2016

Many anglers will ask me when the dusky flathead come on the bite. My answer will depend on which estuary system in NSW that you’re going to fish. The NSW Fisheries Resources book I have states that dusky flathead tend to spawn from January to March in NSW, but this may change due to weather cycles and other influences like floods.
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Go into depth with your cod techniques
Rhys Creed | December 2016

Continuing on from the theme of many other reports, it’s hard not to get excited about cod opening! Australian anglers have a soft spot for the icon as they are the ultimate predator and prized catch. We all love them, even when they play hard to get – that’s what makes every encounter with a cod so unique. Now’s the time to get back into targeting Murray cod!
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Calling all codaholics
Wayne Dubois | December 2016

It’s time to break out the big lures in hope of that fish of a lifetime. The Murray cod season is officially open and I can hear the codaholics out there saying, “It’s about time.” Every cod closed season feels longer then the last as we anticipate what sort of season is ahead of us. Floods at the right spawning time this year will have helped with natural recruitment this season. Crazy numbers of cracker cod encountered through the closed season show that signs are looking very good at this early stage of the season.
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The baits are bringing them in
Gary Earl | December 2016

The past six weeks have been all about the current screaming down the coast keeping the boats away from the outer grounds and in close to the coastal fringe. Tailor are the talk of the town with catches on the beaches, estuaries and rivers. With a little rain, tailor can move up to brackish water and be caught in drains and all sorts of unusual places around the Hunter. The best shot is off the break walls and beach rocky platforms.
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Eden is heatin’ up
Kevin Gleed | December 2016

The past month has seen a lot less rain in the Eden area than in the Mallacoota area. Warmer days as we head into summer have been the key to fire up the fishing. It’s great news, even though we’ve had warm to hot days, we’re still getting some unusually cold days for this time of year.
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Less wet, better weather ahead
Kevin Gleed | December 2016

The past month has seen more rainfall, adding to what has already been a long wet season with still plenty of cool days. With summer around the corner, we should start to see hotter weather – it’s well and truly needed to liven up the town. The cold wet weather keeps the visitors moving, looking north for the sun. Fishing wise, there are fish to be caught so long as you’re prepared to put on a raincoat, rug up and have a shot.
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Not all sunburn and pedestal fans
Josh Gurney | December 2016

Spring has promptly sprung to an end. Warmer days, howling northerlies and evening thunderstorms have set the scene for another cliché summer, but it’s not all sunburn and pedestal fans – summer brings with it a host of good fishing. The Tweed area particularly fires up this season. As the mercury rises, we can expect to see good scores of mangrove jack through the river and creeks. In the offshore department, mackerel, marlin, mahimahi, tuna and trevally should all start to push up the coast as the water temperature rises.
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The usual fish are on fire
Stuart Hindson | December 2016

It’s hard to believe that summer is here already. The year has flown by and with Christmas around the corner, we’ll see an avalanche of visitors hitting our shores. The Merimbula region will look more like Bourke Street than a sleepy coastal town. It brings anglers – lots of them, so early morning starts will be the norm before the waterways get too busy with boat traffic, especially in the estuaries.
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