Spring is Sprung
  |  First Published: August 2009

The trout season opened on the first of August and since then the trout have not slowed down with the pick of the spots being Lake Rowallan, Lake Barrington, Guide Dam, Pet Dam, Lake Mikany with Huntsman Lake the standout.

All these spots have been going well with bait except for Huntsman: (it’s an artificial lure only water). Main bait has been worms. Spinning and flyfishing have been working as well. Chunkier flies like the Woolly Buggers, Woolly Worms, Stick Caddices and large nymph patterns are best. Ashley spinners and Lofty and Tassie Devil lures are going the best. Even though the rough weather continued in to August those who braved the wet and cold conditions came home with good bags.


I went to a dam around Riana with the Penguin Fisheries Club on opening day. At the end of the six hour session around 18 fish where caught, with the largest being a 510gm rainbow trout; an average size for dam trout. Although there wasn’t many fish caught, they put up a good fight and we had a lot of fun. All the fish where caught on worms. We had a couple of follows on lures but no hook-ups.

One tip that Tony Cross form the Penguin Fisheries Club gave me is that if you are fishing with bait, especially worms it is best to get it form around the spot you are fishing, as this is what the trout will be use to eating.


Over the last two months Tasmania has been receiving a heap of rain. With the northwest coast copping its fair share of it. This has had one massive affect on the salmon fishing on the coast. Overnight the salmon that were foraging around Wynyard, Port Sorell, Arthur River, Marrawah, Leven River, Inglis River and Sandy Cape were all gone. Only a small scrap of fishing is left at Marrawah/Arthur River area, with anglers finding it as difficult to dodge the rain to catch the salmon. I doubt it will get much better in early September with more spring rain on the way.

Lake Barrington

Lake Barrington has always been a well-known family trout fishery. Keen anglers will still find some sport here. Lake Barrington is always good when levels are up; at the moment Lake Barrington is spilling. To fish Lake Barrington a boat is almost a must-have. I have spent hours spinning up and down the shores of the lake for nothing. Trolling Lofty and Tassie Devil lures always works. There is some bait fishing, especially with the eels and native blackfish at night; worms and wattle grubs are the best baits. Also keep in mind that it is a touch-and-go lake and will perform one day but not the next. Also it has just been stocked with adult Atlantic salmon.


A little known and underestimated lake, Lake Kara is situated just past Upper Natone. A small lake in size but a large lake in fishing potential. After receiving 300 brown trout form Great Lake in late July, Lake Kara can only get better this season. With it newly stocked, people will be venturing off to check out what is an unknown to most anglers. Although this lake will never be your typical Great Lake, Arthurs Lake, Lake Burbury or Lake Barrington, it is a nearby day trip lake for the family or the serious angler. Best method to use is bait: worms or wattle grubs are favourites. Spinning is another option and Lofty and Tassie Devil cobras are the way to go. So if you are on the north west and you are looking for a quick trout fishing adventure always have Lake Kara in the back of your mind.

Huntsman Lake

In August Huntsman Lake was the stand out spot for trout fishing on the north west and I don’t see this changing for a while. With it newly grown weed beds, trout are foraging in the shallows for tasty morsels hidden in among the weed. This is providing good sport for a lot of keen anglers. Trolling and spinning have been the big methods in the lake and lure of choice being the Lofty and Tassie Devil cobras. Fish are holding deep so the deeper the lure sits then the more chance of a fish.

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