Hot Winter Fishing at Wartook
  |  First Published: June 2010

We have had a great start to winter with very welcome rainfall and some absolutely superb trout and redfin fishing at our popular Grampians waters.

The trout fishing has far surpassed the already good fishing we had enjoyed over the last few seasons. Even the redfin have been going well.

Rocklands Reservoir

There had been some great catches of redfin and a few trout here lately between the Brodies and dam wall area. Trolling has been the most popular method with minnow lures and Tassie Devils doing very well. The best colours have been pink or gold but perch patterns are also doing very well.

Most of the redfin are averaging around 300-600g but a few thumpers to 1.4kg are also being taken. This time of year some very large redfin to 2kg often show up in catches at this water and are well worth the time and effort to find.

Most of the trout taken lately have been small browns around 500g with a few larger fish up to 1.5kg also about. For the best chance of taking a few trout here at the moment, bait fishing with minnow or mudeye under a bubble is the way to go, particularly around the shoreline near the wall.

Flyfishing with smelt patterns should also pick up a few trout here this time of year.

The water level is still very low but small boats can be easily launched.

Lake Fyans

The fishing has been very good here with many good catches of redfin being taken ranging in size from 400g-2kg along with some good brown and rainbow trout averaging around 1kg.

The most productive method of fishing here lately is to fish couta or bug mudeye under bubble floats around the edges of any deep weed beds.

Trolling lures has been a difficult due to the weed but drifting and casting lures or flies has been producing plenty of good fish lately. Local Horsham angler Keegan Lannan had a great day out here recently catching eight good size rainbows to 1kg and three redfin around 500g.

Lake Wartook

This lake has been fishing very well over the last few weeks and is the pick of our waters to be fishing this month for sure. The size and number of brown trout coming out of here lately has been very impressive with trout over the 2kg mark being very common.

The Horsham Angling club recently had a very successful comp here with many brown trout and redfin being taken on fly, lures and baits.

Kevin Budde won this comp with a magnificent 2.2kg brown trout he caught using mudeye under a bubble float early. Fly anger Billy Kemp had a great weekend during the comp catching and releasing a large number of browns fly fishing from his boat. His best flies were the Bloody Mary and beetle patterns.

Local Horsham angler Troy Cowan recently had a great trip here fishing with his son Rory. In an easy mornings fishing they managed to catch seven brown trout averaging around 1kg. There were also a few big fish amongst the catch with the best trout going a great 2.4kg. All of their trout were caught on unweighted peeled green prawn tails.

I have been fishing here frequently with my son, Curtis, and we have been doing well on browns to 2kg and many redfin to 600g. Most of our trout are on mudeye under bubble floats and unweighted peeled yabby tail fished in front of the wall. Most of our redfin are taking mudeye fished for the trout but we have also done well casting small Strikepro blade lures while drifting through the reedy areas.

I would expect the good run of fishing to continue here for some time yet, particularly if we get more rain and the lake starts to rise over new ground.

Lake Bellfield

This lake has been very popular lately with anglers chasing redfin with large numbers of fish to 1kg being taken. Trolling lures from small boats with electric motors has been the best way to fish here lately. The most successful lures have been small minnows and blade lures either cast or trolled. Baitfishing with mudeye, worms and gudgeon has also been productive either from small boats or from the shore.

The rainbow trout are at their best here this time of year and some great trout to 1.8kg have been taken here over the last few weeks. The best rainbows are taken here early in the morning with mudeye fished under bubble floats the number one method.

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