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  |  First Published: June 2010

We have definitely arrived at the time of year made for us sports anglers. Winter gives us plenty of cold days, however the fishing is always red hot.

Many anglers hang up their fishing rods this time of year to pursue other interests, thinking the fishing isn’t as good as in the warmer months. Which is a great pity as the fishing is as good now as in summer.

This is a phenomenal time to start fishing shallower water and get out your good 2-4kg graphite spin rod, spool up with some 4lb or 6lb braid and hang on!

The amount of hard-fighting species you get this time of year far outweighs the sport that you get in summer. At present we have Australian salmon, trevally, tailor and garfish inside and outside there’s some ripper gummy sharks and big flathead.

Trevally have been around in bigger numbers than I’ve ever seen. As long as there’s good tidal run, the trevally have been heavily feeding on small whitebait.

I’ve been using soft plastics such as 3” Berkley Power Minnows and Gulp Minnows, and when they’re on, you can get a trevally every cast. On my last trip the biggest trevally was 39cm and the smallest was 32m and they were averaging 36cm. I lost count of how many we caught.

Pound for pound, they are one of Victoria’s premier sport fish, which is why it pays to drop the size of your gear down so you can have some fun.

Secondly, the Australian salmon have been huge so far. There are 3kg salmon available but mostly they average between 1-3kg and 55-60cm long. They have been taking small metal lures and soft plastics easily.

The metal vibe style lures are also working a treat, and all you have to do is cast them up current and slowly jig back to your boat making sure they are on or close to the bottom. All the salmon have been feeding down deep lately, so don’t waste your time trolling, just drift or anchor up and cast lures, it’s that simple.

We have been experimenting with poppers as well. We have found you need a relatively heavy popper so you can cast away from the boat. It has also been hard to get them to come to the top of the water, so if one angler can hook one up, the other angler should then cast a popper right behind the hooked up salmon to catch other salmon chasing the hooked up salmon. It’s a tough thing to do, and doesn’t work all the time, but when it does, it’s hard to think of a more exciting way to fish, especially when most of the salmon are 3kg and up.

The tailor are mixed in as well, and they’re averaging 40cm with the odd thumper over 50cm long. The whiting are still around in great numbers, they’re pretty skinny and look hungry, but they are averaging 35cm and seem to be taking a variety of baits even Gulp Sandworm pattern plastics.


If you can get the weather on your side, it would pay to go out early on the gummies at the moment. They’re averaging 1.5m and are in great condition and averaging 9-10kg.

There’s also some really big females out there as well weighing more than 20kg and they might stick around for another month.

So get out there and have some fun, looks like we are going to have a ripper winter season.

For more information, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544 or drop in anytime, you will get expert advice and some ripper deals on fishing tackle.

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