Cool weather is good for redfin
  |  First Published: June 2010

Winter is definitely here, and with that the cray fish reports become more frequent.

There has been some huge crayfish pulled from the Goulburn out towards Murchison.

The river seems to always fish well for crays between Murchison and Toolamba, but I hear of more and more people craying just 500m from the boat ramp.

Redfin reports have still been rolling in, which is great because the cod and yellowbelly have been very hard to catch in the cold conditions.

Redfin are very much the staple species at this time of year for the average angler.

Colder times of year are good for the bigger specimens of cod, but there are many casts between them.

Winter research project

I’ve been doing some research on fishing for cod with barramundi lures, which may seem weird but it will probably work.

The two main brands I have found that make a good lure to adapt as a cod lure and barra would have to be the Rapala X-Rap and Reidy’s range .

These lures respond well to short sharp cranks. The best way to practice this is in a backyard pool and just watch how the lure reacts in clear water.

This will give you an advantage when you are out on the river, as you will know how the lure will be working.

The different body types and colours with barra lures may turn you off but they will definitely catch good size cod.

It may just be the extra weapon you need to land a monster.

My tip for the next couple of months is get into your local store and look at a couple of different lures and give them a go, there is no harm in trying.

Photo Competition

Our River Rats Fishing Club photo competition is now running, and is a great way to win some terrific prizes.

There are three sections: cod, yellow belly and redfin.

There is no limit of the amount of photos you enter so send as many as you like, the fishing club has put up a $100 prize pack for all three sections.

The photo comp will run until September 1, and all photos must be emailed to --e-mail address hidden--

The photos will be voted on by staff at Trellys Tackle World and myself.

Jordan Brereton with two good redfin caught on soft plastics.

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