Streaker 6100 Navigator Walk Through
  |  First Published: May 2010

The biggest in the Streaker walk-through range is an extremely slick looking boat.

The 6100 Navigator Walk Through is sure to turn more than a few heads with its well thought out design and neat Streaker lines.

Designed as a comfortable day boat, this is ideal for everything from some serious fishing to some stress free, comfortable cruising.

Internal Features

Immediately noticed features of this boat are the spacious cabin area and the walk through bow section makes free and easy access to the nose and anchor.

Internally the boat has plenty of space, with good use being made of all the applicable storage areas.

The rear storage hatch holds a fish box and allows access to the bilge area, and a large insulated fish ice/drinks in between the driver and passenger seats keeps the passengers cool. This is topped off by two seat boxes offering plenty of storage space with small tackle lockers that comfortably hold enough gear for day trips. This helps do away with the need for big bulky tackle boxes.

Transom layout

At the transom, the recessed engine well makes space for the fuel filter, battery and isolator switch, which are hidden by the neat rear curtain.

The rear transom corners also have small comfortable drop-in cushion seats, which are very handy for some cruising comfort.

Full-length side pockets offer plenty of storage space for nets and gaffs with the bottom of the side pockets being just high enough off the floor to allow you to get your toes in under the pocket for more support in rough weather or when playing some bigger fish.

Cabin area

Further forward, the cabin area of the Navigator is well designed with the passenger side housing a recessed fire extinguisher on the floor and a very large and handy lock-up glove box, while the driver side has a sleek looking black console that houses all the goodies required, such as the switch panel, Yamaha digital gauges, a compass and an Eagle sounder/GPS, with plenty of space for a bigger unit if required.

Helm Layout

When it came time to actually drive the boat, the steering was light and the wheel and windscreen height are perfect offering a clear unobstructed view out the front of the boat, also making the boat easier to steer through rough water.

The bunk area has plenty of room to lay down, especially if you have the bunk infill and cushion, which I believe is well worth it, especially if you plan to go with the Stress Free anchor winch, which fits easily into the large anchor well.

Fishing and Comfort!

Trying to find the gap this boat sat in was quite difficult, as the 6100 Navigator can be both a fishing and cruising platform. However there seems, to me at least, to lean towards the fishing craft with the large side pockets for nets and gaffs, open and uncluttered floor space and the large moulded bait board, and multiple rod holders in the transom.

The one feature that I perhaps didn’t like was the narrow gunnels as this would limit rod holders that could be mounted into the sides and the angles they could be positioned at.

The Navigator can also easily be fitted with the stainless steel snapper racks that are so popular these days, and best of all they can be added or removed in a matter of seconds.

On Water Performance

In the drink the hull was much the same as the other Streaker hulls, comfortable, steady and very safe.

Easing out into a very sloppy Port Phillip, the Streaker simply rode over waves and slop that many boats would have taken over the bow. In fact the hull performed well no matter which direction it was pushed.

It did however feel exceptionally good running with the waves, and it was here you could feel the hull come into its own with no chance of broaching. The heavy flare in the bow pushes away the waves before they have a chance to climb over the bow.

In tight turns the hull didn’t slip nor did it grab very hard, it just seemed to track its way around with ease.

This I feel was also due to the engine setup and the fact that the 150hp Yamaha was running a four-blade Solas propeller, giving the engine maximum bite in the water.

Best of all, its very light steering system it was easy to manoeuvre the boat through the sloppy conditions to get the best out of the ride.

When combined with the ample yet very smooth power of the 4-stroke Yamaha and the solas prop it felt that not only was everything working properly but also in sync with each other.

Hull performance

As for performance, the 20 deadrise saw the boat slip onto the plane at a very smooth 15kph with the Yamaha just quietly doing its thing at 2000rpm, while at 27kph the hull really came into its own, with the engine purring at 2700rpm and sucking a measly 24L of fuel per hour. At this speed the hull casually ate its way through the slop when pushing into the waves, while running with the sea saw the hull riding smoothly over the waves with absolutely no bogging in on the trough of the wave.

This I am sure was helped by the 4-blade Solas prop which gave the hull great low to mid range torque.

Overall the 6100 Navigator is a great boat that is going to really appeal to the family who want a classy boat that can handle a bit of everything from fishing to skiing and cruising.

However it can easily be ramped-up to being a serious, yet comfortable fishing boat if need be.


Boat Specifications

Hull Length - Overall 6.1m

Hull Weight –

BMT Weight – 1800kg

Beam – 2.49m

Deadrise – 20 degree

Fuel Capacity – 184 litres

Engine – 150hp Yamaha 4 Stroke

Maximum Horsepower – 200hp 2stroke, 150hp 4stroke

Prop – Solas 4 blade

Trailer – Easy Tow – Keel roller, twin axle

Overall Length of rig on trailer – from coupling to propeller – 7.35m

Price of Test Boat


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