Glenelg River Blocked
  |  First Published: May 2010

The mouth of the Glenelg River has blocked over, and I would imagine that during June it would still be closed over.

This blockage happens nearly annually and while it creates a nuisance for shack, boatshed and landing owners and more so for Chris and Cheryl Carson at the Nelson Boat Hire, it does produce some excellent fishing.

Mulloway numbers are still OK and there are still guys getting spooled.

Shane and Lauren Quinlan, possibly one of the most experienced fishing pairs on the river have been broken off several times and others have reported similar stories.

The number of mulloway usually dwindles during June and July but the records show bigger fish are usually found during the colder months.

With the mouth blocked it will be interesting to see how it pans out this month – are there 20-30kg fish in the system already or will they enter when the mouth is released?

A unique catch in May was a 2.5kg mulloway caught on fly by Frank Bluch. Frank used a Bead Head Rabbit Strip Streamer in yellow colour, size 6 that he purchased in Canada for bull trout, and fished it on a fast sinking fly line.

Marking the fish on the finder at around 4m, he got his fly down to the fish, and after a frenetic fight of about 15 minutes Frank boated the fish and looks like gaining a world record for his catch.

This is a fantastic on such light gear and I was very impressed with the action of his Rabbit Skin fly.

Bream spread out

Bream spread all over the system in winter, so be prepared to cover some water and don’t get stuck fishing the one spot too long. If we have good rains that create a fresh water top to the river you will need to fish away from the banks into deeper water. Often the rock walls that line the river have a secondary deeper ledge that are havens for bigger bream.

Brighter and shiny lures are needed: vibe or blade style lures will rule as the waters become murkier.

Old-fashioned baits such as rabbit, scrub worm, live gents and shrimp along with crab are all worth a go. As always the estuary is as good as any to start your search and with the mouth blocked you can fish in spots that are normally inaccessible by boat.

The oxbow lake opposite the poles near the estuary, whilst awesome, is a non boating area. This means you can fish it, but not in a boat. The sand bank that separates it from the main river is quite hard, it can be fished while wading - legally. Care is needed and a boat will get you to the sand bar and could well be worth the effort.

Estuary perch catches are still being reported from Taylors Straight up to Hutchessons Landing with some pulling the scales down to 2.2kg. Hardbodied lures are accounting for most but good white and bluebait are also worth a crack.

Come on down and enjoy Nelson and the great Glenelg River, winter fishing can produce some of the best catches we see for the year. The fires are burning at the pub and we still do dinner every night. Call us on 08 87384011 for the latest ‘Fish Goss’

This is a potential record fly-caught mulloway – quite a rare event indeed.

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