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  |  First Published: May 2010

As much as I hate to say it seems that winter is once again on us, however the fishing has been great for those anglers who are still getting out on the water.

Mordialloc To Black Rock

Mordialloc Pier is heading in the right direction for a repeat performance of the great fishing it had last winter with pinkies being taken of an evening, along with good numbers of squid.

Over the past few weeks the small salmon have started to move back into the creek with anglers having some good fishing by throwing small plastics among the moored boats.

During early May there was also a great influx of bigger salmon around the kilo mark that made raids on the deeper areas of the pier.

Out in the boats pinkie snapper are making their presence felt on the inner reefs with big numbers of fish being taken of a morning and afternoon, especially after or during a bit of a southerly blow.

While most of the pinkies are still on the smaller size there are still enough 30-40cm fish among them to definitely make it worthwhile fishing for them. As a bonus, recent weeks have seen some great light tackle sport to be had with schools of salmon being found in Beaumaris Bay and down towards Black Rock.

The other consistently great fishing that will get better over the coming months is the abundant squid, which are being taken on all the shallow reef areas.

As a bonus if you have a boat or have access to deeper water from land-based locations try using bigger jigs in the 3.0-3.5 size and get them into 6-10m of water. The squid in these areas are much bigger and prefer a bigger jig with several of the staff and customers at Fishing Fever having success on squid in the area up to 1.5kg in weight.

Sandringham To Port Melbourne

Much the same as up in the Black Rock area, the pinkies are making their presence felt on the reefs with the area such as Yorkies and in on the Rock Groynes being good areas to look. While fishing these locations its also worth putting out a small float as there are plenty of good gars to be found, especially out around the Anonyma Shoal.

Down at Green Point and along to the North Road boat ramp anglers are reporting plenty of good garfish and squid, while Brighton Breakwall and its surrounds have been a bit of a fisherman’s basket over the past weeks with anglers reporting good numbers of pinkies, squid and garfish for both land-based and boat anglers.

Off St Kilda there have been a few sly reports of some anglers still finding the odd late season whiting, but for the most part the shallows at this end of the bay often produce good flathead during the cooler months, especially on those calm clear days as they move into the shallow water to warm up, so keep this in mind if you need to get out for a quick fish.

The other option over the coming weeks is some great snapper fishing that can be on offer in the area between Kerford Road pier and Station Pier. Working the heavy cunjevoi beds that abound in the 5-9m of water at night can see some exceptional snapper being taken among good numbers of solid pinkies. The other very tasty by-catch is the pink ling that tend to inhabit these areas, and are always a welcome addition to the session.

Yarra And Maribrynong

It’s now mulloway time for many anglers as they chase that elusive mulloway. It’s often hard to get any sort of information, especially from anglers who catch them, however I have still had some good reports of solid fish being taken up to 15kg.

One such capture was made by 12-year-old angler Michael Palatsides who went for a night session with his dad in the mouth of the Yarra and came up trumps with a mulloway of 9kg.

On the bream scene there has been some exceptional fishing to be had in both rivers with the semi regular rainfall appearing to really fire the bite up with bait anglers having great success with baits of freshwater yabbies, scrub worms and the new Dyna Bait tube and bloodworms.

These dehydrated worms are the perfect choice for all anglers. Keep the pack in your tackle box till you need them, and best of all the bream can’t get enough of them.

For lure anglers best results seem to be coming from anglers fishing Turtleback Worms and the 80mm Squidgy Wrigglers covered in X Factor Scent.

Williamstown To Werribee

This part of the bay has slid nicely into the winter style of fishing with good numbers of pinkies to be found on the inshore reefs, along with plenty of squid up to 1.5kg to be found from Point Cook to the western edge of Altona Bay.

Mick From Hooked On Bait and Tackle in Hoppers Crossing reports that the Werribee River is fishing very well for bream in big sizes and numbers with the best results on the late afternoon run in tides.

Mick reports there have been heaps of mullet up at the caves.

Just like over at Mordialloc Pier, the salmon have turned up at Altona Pier with number of fish being taken in the 1.5kg size, so lets hope the coming weeks continue to bring more of this great fishing for land-based anglers.

Down towards St Leonards this month should start to see the influx of good winter whiting on offer in the area with those nice calm afternoons combined with a tide change often producing quality bags of fish.

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