Carter Conquers Mallacoota Field
  |  First Published: May 2010

Warren Carter (10/10, 9.29kg) has overcome a class field of anglers to secure the 2010 LuckyCraft Mallacoota BREAM qualifier win.

With the field including previous Grand Final victors, AFC representatives and numerous AOY winners, the competition for tournament honours was always going to be fierce. Adding to the atmosphere was the announcement that qualifying competitors would be returning to the same venue for the season-ending Grand Final in November.

Carter targeted two primary locations to fill his tournament limit each session. The first was a rock wall in the top lake that Carter identified in his prefish. The second was a series of flats near Goodwin Sands. Applying different techniques proved the key to securing the bites on offer.

“I caught two legal fish in the top lake during the prefish and decided to go back there first thing come day one. Using both shallow (SR) and deep (DR) 40mm Smith Camion hardbodies in around 1-3 feet of water, I caught good fish early and secured my limit by around 12.30pm. The key was mixing up my retrieves. Generally a double twitch followed by a pause got fish in the area interested”.

“I then headed to flats at Goodwin Sands. Using a 40mm Ecogear VX-439 I was able to upgrade a number of my fish and head in with a solid first day limit”.

“On day two I headed to the rock wall, but only caught one legal before moving back to Goodwin Sands. Alternating between slow lifts, double hops and pauses on the bottom I was able to fill my bag and start to look for upgrades..”

“Being focused and conscious of where I was proved valuable over the two days, especially in open water where it can be easy to lose focus. Finding an open water drop-off from 12 to 16 feet that held fish and maintaining position and concentration produced the fish that made the difference.”

Carters’ outfit consisted of a Shimano T-Series TCurve 7” rod with a Shimano Stradic 2500 reel spooled with 5lb PowerPro braid and 4lb Sunline leader.

Thanking all his fellow competitors on stage, Carter was a deserved winner of the tournament. Having won this event now puts him in the box seat come November when the season comes to the pointy end. Certainly a dark horse to watch out for.

Chris Wright, 10/10, 9.01kg, narrowly led the field after day one and produced another tournament limit on day two to secure second place. Fishing rock walls at the entrance to Double Arm Creek and edges and flats at Goodwin Sands, Wright held off a fast finishing field. In securing second Wright also took out the PRO division adding a further $764 to his tournament winnings.

“At my first location, fishing in around five feet of water, I was using an aggressive retrieve to attract and catch the fish on offer. Using an Ecogear SX-40 in colour 339 proved to be effective and was my go-to lure for that location.

“I then travelled to Goodwin Sands to fish my second location. Using my Lowrance HDS sounder I identified bait schools in around 12 feet of water. Using a 100mm Squidgy Wriggler in bloodworm colour, I would cast out the lure, let it sink and retrieve it slowly using small hops. The fish came progressively during the entire session with plenty of by-catch making their presence felt.

“I was carefully managing the spots in two hour intervals to make sure I gave them time to replenish. The fish were responsive so it was good theory in practice. The second day was tougher as is usually the case, but I managed to find my limit and head back confident that I had done all that I could,” said Wright.

With Mallacoota being the second and final Victorian BREAM qualifying event, it also decided the Victorian Lowrance Angler of the Year award. With consistent results from both Gippsland and Mallacoota Wright was in the running to take out the prestigious award. When the results were compared it became obvious there was a tie between two anglers; 2009 AOY winner Brad Hodges and Chris Wright. On a countback it came down to the performance in the Mallacoota event with Wright’s second place eclipsing Hodges fifth.

“I am on an absolute buzz. To put together consistent results against the quality fields that have attended the Victorian rounds this year makes is rewarding both personally and as an angler. As always capturing an AOY is a great milestone, a very special experience”.

Wright’s outfits consisted of a Millerods Long Cast 7’3” rod and Millerods Bream Buster XF rod teamed with a Shimano Stella 1000 reel spooled with 3lb Sunline FC straight through.

Zig Domagala, 10/10, 8.03kg took out the non-boater division of the tournament. Fishing with Gill Neziz on day one and Stephen Duff on day two, Domagala fished the bottom lake near Goodwin Sands on both days. Using a Bassday Kangoku Vibe in clear/yellow colour exclusively for the tournament Domagala targeted bream in water between 5-6m deep.

“On the first day I had my full bag by 8pam and upgraded throughout the session. From 11am through to 1pm it went quiet before picking up for the final hour.

“On day two we fished past my day one location and had a couple of fish in the first hours. We then headed back near my day one location and I filled out my tournament limit.

“I fished edges and banks during my prefish, but ended getting most of my fish in deeper water throughout the tournament. Day two was a struggle with the bite being slower and one of my fish not making it, but persistence paid off and it’s great to get the win and Grand Final qualification,” said Domagala.

Domagala’s outfit consisted of a G Loomis 5’9” dropshot rod teamed with a Daiwa Luvius 1000 reel spooled with 6lb Sunline PE and 4lb Sunline FC leader.

The events Big Bream went to Andrew Dibley with his 1.75kg day two bream. Fishing small sections of tea tree in the top lake with Bill Boynton, Dibley hooked the fish using a Berkley Gulp Shrimp in pepper prawn colour rigged on a 1/24oz Nitro jighead.

“I put a cast into the front of a small clump of teat tree, gave it two hops and paused before I felt the take. It put on a great fight going back into the teat tree before slowly coming out then going parallel to the bank before coming out and trying to brick me beneath the boat before finally tiring and coming to the net. All in all about 5-7 minutes of great fight which is what you want when you secure your personal best bream,” said Dibley.

This bream ultimately helped Dibley secure second place in the non-boater division as well as securing him $500 for his efforts.

For information on this event or any other ABT tournaments check out www.bream.com.au or contact ABT on 07 3387 0888 (B/H). – ABT


Boater Top 10

PlaceAnglerFishTotal (kg)Prize

1Warren Carter10/109.29$2,300
2Chris Wright10/109.01$1964
3Steve Parker10/108.81$900
4Steve Gill10/108.77$700
5Brad Hodges10/108.71$750
6Spiro Spyropoulos10/108.56$300
7Jarrod Healey10/108.35$150
8Shaun Clancy10/108.30$100
9William Longani10/108.21$100
10Cameron Whittam10/108.19

Non-Boater Top 10

PlaceAnglerFishTotal (kg)

1Zig Domagala10/108.03
2Andrew Dibley9/107.66
3Dale Pattison9/107.44
4Dean Nash9/107.05
5Karen Berry9/106.89
6Mike Hodges10/106.49
7Jack Healey10/105.97
8Joel Corrie9/105.78
9Mark Hayes8/105.36
10Shane Barling8/105.10

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