Perfect Pelagic Run
  |  First Published: July 2010

We have had an awesome month in July for Spanish mackerel and other pelagic species.

There were some big guys caught over 26kg with their smaller cousins the spotted and doggy mackerel being released due to bag limits on many occasions. This should continue through August until the warmer weather turns up.

Fishing for Spaniards is pretty simple: just anchor up on the northeast side of the Sand Island, float out your pillie on a wire trace, berley up and relax until the Spanish mackerel appear.

We have had the HMAS Brisbane working in Karumba dredging the shipping channel that allows all tide access to our port. She has been going flat out and only stopping when the tide falls below 0.95m. Please do not anchor up in the channel, as the Brisbane does not have the handling found that small boats do.

August is always a great month to catch blue salmon as they congregate to breed out the front of the End of the Road motel. You will find them in the dirty water near the change to clean water.

All baits will work, but my favourite is a mullet strip on a 6/0 hook with mono leader of 40lb rigged to a swivel and sinker size to suit the run.

The wind will blow this month and the place to be when that happens is up the river near the Powerlines looking for grunter. You can easily find the spot by simply going up after 10am and look for the mass of boats near the Powerlines.

Lance Butler has been catching plenty of barramundi on the small tides so they are still an option if you look for shallow water. The rock bar up past the Powerlines is a good spot to be and thelures will need to be deep enough to hit the bottom.

We have a new fisheries boss in Karumba and he is a great addition, as in my opinion we have needed him for a long time. I have spoken to the commercial fishers who look forward to a solid relationship with a straightforward person doing his job.

And now just for laughs: I had some mates come up for a fish and they turned up without one of the boat trailer wheels. The drama started back at Croydon when after hearing an occasional bang they got out and inspected the trailer. They couldn’t see anything amiss, so they went into the shop for some lunch. On leaving the shop they saw some people staring bemusedly at their trailer and only then did they notice the missing wheel!

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