Maiden Victory for Flett
  |  First Published: July 2010

Greg Flett (10/10, 7.55kg) has broken through for his maiden BREAM event victory at the Mercury Lake Macquarie BREAM Qualifier.

Flett’s first day tournament limit 5/5, 4.86kg had him beating the nearest competitor by 410g, and a 5/5, 2.69kg second day effort was enough to secure victory over a fast finishing runner-up Wayne Reed.

“We were fishing in 12-14ft of water with a featureless bottom. The area held an eddy of warmer water from the power station that held bait and in turn larger predators including bream. By-catch in the area included large flathead, jewfish, trevally, tailor, squire and whiting,” said Flett.

“Wayne Reed and I had caught 6.5kg and 5.5kg bags three weeks before the event and did not fish there again until Friday pre-fish. One cast for a 900g fish confirmed that the fish were still there.

“The lure that did the damage was a Damiki 42mm vault blade in holo green iwashi (014) and holo black iwashi (016) retro fitted with VMC Pyramid triple strength size 12 trebles. I exchanged the snap clip with a no. 1 split ring, which reduces the times the lure fouls,” Flett said.

“My outfit was a 7ft, 2-5kg Duffrods Camostix rod with a Shimano1000 twin powers reel spooled with 5lb green Power Pro braid and 3m of 4lb Sunline FC Rock leader.

“When fishing plastics, the 3” Damiki Craft Armour Shads in Moebi (008) and Goldmix Fleck (415) colours rigged on 1/8oz, size 1 TT jigheads, I used a 7ft, 1-4kg Duffrods Camostix rod teamed with a Shimano 1000 twin powers reel spooled with 5lb green Power Pro braid and 3m of 4lb Sunline FC Rock leader”.

Flett not only secured the first prize cheque, but also took advantage of the sponsor’s bonus program by taking out both the Mercury and Motorguide sponsors’ bonus, adding a further $500 to his substantial winnings. Another $250 for the shared event big bream was further icing on the cake for his fine effort during the tournament.

Flett’s colleague Wayne Reed, 10/10, 7.03kg finished strongly but was unable to bridge the lead Flett amassed over two sessions.

The two anglers both fished the same location for the tournament, having previously identified it during the pre-fish. Reed’s session one bag of 2.89kg left him just 2kg behind the leader, but a storming day two effort where he brought in the largest limit of the day (5/5, 4.14kg) made for a tense tournament finish.

In the end Flett held on by 520g to eclipse his close friend and rival.

“In session one I started with plastics and probably persisted too long before changing to a deeper presentation,” said Reed.

“As it played out Flett fished well for both sessions, and found the fish to do the job. He is a good friend and I congratulate him on his performance and wish him the best for the remainder of the season.”

Reed’s outfit consisted of a 7ft, 2-5kg Duffrods Camostix rod with a Daiwa Steez 2508 spooled with 5lb green Power Pro braid and 3m of 4lb Sunline FC Rock leader.

A humble Flett also took the time to thank Reed for his assistance and help prior the tournament. Acknowledging Reed’s vast experience on the waterway, as well as his sharing of information was the epitome of ABT’s motto: ‘Who Shares Wins’ and a perfect conclusion to a tightly fought contest.

Taking out the champion non-boater category was Peter Jarvis 6/10, 4.94kg. Jarvis fished with Greg Flett on day one and Mitch Birt on day two. On day one Jarvis took advantage of the location and bite pattern to boat his five fish limit and head into day two with a substantial lead.

“Day one was one of those very special days you have on the water. I started with a plastic presentation, a Berkley 4” Powerbait minnow in pearl watermelon colour rigged on a Cultiva 1/0 1/4oz jighead,” said Jarvis.

“I then changed to a Berkley 4” minnow in banana prawn colour on the same jighead. I have a lot of faith in the Cultiva jigheads built with Owner hooks and in my mind the presentation gave the fish something different to look at compared to what my boater was using.

“I changed to a Strike Pro blade then Flett offered me one of his Damiki blades, which he had success on during the session. Immediately the blade (grey with a golden head and black back) was in the action and after that I didn’t look back. The Damiki did the damage,” Jarvis said.

“At the weigh in my limit went 4.94kg and I weighed a bream that matched Flett for first day, an eventual big bream of 1.63kg. A big thanks to Flett for his help and a special memory that I will carry throughout my tournament career.

“Heading out with Mitch Birt on day two we found fish but the bites were very tentative. Even with stingers the fish would run for 10m then drop the hook. We fished Gwandalan and Chain Valley Bay in 14-18ft of water using blades and plastics.

“I secured one fish on a Berkley 3” minnow in pearl watermelon colour rigged on a Cultiva 1/8oz jighead. It was my only fish for the session but the 420g was enough to hold on to the win. A big thanks to my boaters, all the sponsors and ABT.”

Jarvis took away a great prize courtesy of the BREAM series sponsor Daiwa including rods, reels, line, clothing, lures and much more. Jarvis’ day one kicker secured him $250 for the events big bream.

Jarvis’ outfit consisted of a G Loomis dropshot 8200 DSR rod teamed with a Shimano 2500 twin power reel spooled with 4lb Berkley Fireline and 7lb Yamatoyo VHard leader.

For information regarding this event check out www.bream.com.au or contact ABT on 07 3387 0888(B/H). – ABT

Boater Results

PlaceAnglerFishWeight (kg)Payout
1Gregg Flett10/107.55$3,250
2Wayne Reed10/107.03$1,300
3Steve Morgan10/106.98$1,382
4John Startin10/106.28$700
5Adam Sczepaniak8/105.88$500
6Kristoffer Hickson10/105.74$500
7John Balcomb10/105.73$400
8Codie Stewart10/105.72$400
9Ross Cannizzaro9/105.60$150
10Aaron Horne10/105.52$150

Non-Boater Results

PlaceAnglerFishWeight (Kg)
1Peter Jarvis6/104.94
2Alan Mcnamara8/104.89
4Kieran Hill10/104.21
5Bernard Kong8/104.11
6Karen Fontaine6/103.90
7Suzanne Siranovic8/103.67
8Paul Dunlop7/103.17
9Vaughn Lewis7/103.15
10Nick Lototzky6/103.04
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