Temperate winter options
  |  First Published: June 2010

We finally got a taste of winter and let me say I don’t like it. But it’s not as bad as the snow down south and here in Bundaberg the short winter period does bring on the more temperate species.

The sharp drop in temperature should see the snapper become more prevalent on the inshore grounds, which will give the small boat anglers their shot at a nice feed.

The guys down south have been targeting snapper over flat areas over the past few seasons and doing well. As Bundy really only has flat areas in close to fish we should try a few of their techniques. Soft plastics like Berkley Gulps fished subtly across a sandy bottom produced some great fish at Noosa last season, so I will persist trying it up here.

I have put some effort in on the snapper with plastics in the past but have had trouble staying away from the triggerfish and picker gangs, so this season I will search for schools on the flats between the rubble like they do further south.

The Burnett

July will see those mad keen night bream anglers at it again and good luck to them.

I have a few mates that spend the coldest nights sitting on the bank at Kirbys Wall fishing with mullet and chook gut for stud bream; they do catch their share but give me a warm bed and rum anytime.

For those a little more accustomed to daylight mid morning winter sessions there will still be good bream to be caught on lures and plastics. Kirbys and the north wall are your usual haunts but don’t discount the upper reaches around Tofts Rocks and Splitters Creek as we have had a big fresh this year and the river has a lot of food in it.

For the thrill seeker the tuna have already started stacking up around the river mouth and they are suckers for a Halco 20g Twisty. Idle upwind, cast your Twisty back at the head of the school with the breeze to your back and then wind like blazes – the fish will do the rest.

The Spanish mackerel started early so I hope they don’t disappear early. Be sure to get into them while you can; trolled lures and baits work a treat and if you’re up for some fun try a big popper.

Pulling a popper out around the mouth of the Burnett also puts you in with a chance to mess with some big queenies and trevally, which turn up when you least expect it.

The Baffle

The mighty Baffle still has plenty of fresh in it but the salt has well and truly pushed into the lower reaches. Bream, whiting and flathead species thrive in the Baffle – it’s amazing what banning the beam trawling has done over the past five years.

Pumping yabbies and drifting around the sand flats at high tide will see you get a mixed bag and on a warm winter day there is nothing better.

For the more adventurous casting small poppers and hardbodies around the many weed edges between the islands should see you into some pike, tailor and trevally which is a lot of fun on light gear. As the water cools it also clears up so try natural coloured lures like gold and green.


I have not been up to Monduran for some time but here even in the cool weather there are still a few barra being caught. They have been smaller but at least they are showing themselves.

The Isis on the other hand has been firing up with the bass on the chew as they row up expecting to spawn. Spinnerbaits and paddle tail plastics having been getting some big fish out of the shallows and trolling out on the weed edges is producing the smaller schooled fish.

Kayaking Capers

I just returned from a kayaking mission on the Herbert River in north Queensland, we were dropped in by helicopter into a remote part of the gorge with our yaks and we paddled out over four days.

This was as you would expect was pretty awesome, the helicopter ride on its own was a blast let alone experiencing such pristine remote wilderness.

We took in my Malibu Stealth and three Outlaws from Extreme Kayaks and all the gear we needed was easily packed on these yaks. We ate like kings having taken in swag of dehydrated food from Back Country cuisine and basically had the time of our lives.

We filmed the whole trip so if you’re into kayaking, fishing, excitement and adventure keep your eye out as we hope to release it as a DVD.

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