|  First Published: June 2010

ARB stock a wealth of equipment for the driver, as well as for the vehicle. One thing that is really coming into its own today is a reliable navigation system and in keeping with the other top quality gear throughout their stores, ARB stock Hema navigation systems.

Although it might be argued that a navigation system is not so vital in a car as it is in a boat, the exact same system applies when in uncharted waters. I contend that whether it’s away from the harbour’s leads in a boat, or away from the familiar surrounds of your town or city, we still need to have absolute confidence in where we are going. Which brings us to the Hema Navigator, an invaluable driving aid with its large size touch screen and user friendly operation.

The Hema Navigator 5” is a premium product with premium capability. While many of the vehicle-based navigation systems available today range from the very cheap to the not so cheap it doesn’t take long to work out that with these sorts of items buyers get exactly what they pays for.

The top of range Hema Navigator 5” is an example of this. These brilliant units don’t just navigate a confused driver around the suburbs of a city that presents a totally new driving experience, but will do it expertly and simply. All it takes is to plug the unit into a 12-volt power point within the vehicle and follow the Route 66 Street Navigation system via a touch screen system that is user friendly and fool proof. All Australian street maps within every State or Territory are on hand and available for easy reference and direction.

But the Hema Navigator 5” doesn’t rest on its Route 66 laurels alone. Once in the wide open spaces of the outback or areas where roads are few and far between, there are two further options for the driver.

The first is the Hema Ozi Explorer 4WD Navigation system that features the latest Hema four wheel drive maps incorporating roads, tracks and other recognized routes. Again, a user-friendly touch screen will see the driver confident in travel plans and travelling without stress. If that isn’t enough there’s also the Topo Nav system as a further option as an adjunct to the Heema Ozi Eplorer program. This third system within the Hema Navigator’s armament is for those times when roads and tracks are non existent and reference to a 1:250,000 topographic map is vital.

With Hema providing the widest range of high-resolution topo maps available, the driver can have full confidence in the Navigator’s ability to pinpoint position and access all available routes.

There is also an option to record the journey as it progresses: Adding waypoints and routes on the map is always there as an enjoyable exercise. You can even use the unit to map out a proposed route and set it up ready to follow.

For the technically minded the Navigator 5” is equipped with a 64 channel GPS system linked to a 533 MHz GPS chipset. The unit has a 2GB on-board memory, a pre-loaded 46B Micro SDHC card to cater for extra map and data storage as well as all of Hema’s available maps. There is also a back up (5 hour) battery system for out of car use.

The Navigator 5” is comes Rear View Camera ready, the camera being also available at ARB, and features Blue Tooth capability plus an FM transmitter.

In all, a premium product, but quite unique with its capability in ensuring that city, country and real off road travel can be undertaken with the one unit.

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