Finally Very Fishy Water
  |  First Published: May 2010

The weather is cooling but the fishing seems to be hotting up. After months of wet and windy weather May delivered some great weather and great fishing and this should continue through June.

June is a time when the more southern species coming on the bite and is the start of our winter. It’s a time when t-shirts and shorts during the day are worn and a pair of trackies and long sleeve shirt for the nights and mornings - you have just got to love our state.

The Burnett

Our main river has finally started to look like a saltwater river in the town reach and the fish have started to move with it.

There was a good run of grunter and big bream being caught in the middle reaches on fresh bait but, as the water clears up, these fish will spread out and be a bit harder to find. The mouth has already started to produce some good pelagic fishing and trolling noisy, bright coloured lures has been the key to success. Tuna are working north and south of the river mouth on the outgoing tides and coming right in close as the tide pushes in. The full moon in June is a great time for a night bream mission as it’s proven over the years to be when the biggest fish move in. If you’re up for a daylight bream session, get those small hard-bodied lures out and troll or cast them around the Kirbys Wall and Toft Rocks.

The Baffle

This iconic river has had a massive fresh this year and most of the river is still fresh. The mouth is starting to produce with more salt moving in on an incoming tide and is still the best bet. It will be worth a pelagic fish on the top of the tide with big queenies and trevally hunting the mouth in the clean water. Spend a few hour casting surface poppers around starting at dawn and the queenies will soon find you. My favourite spots are the black bank and around the rock in the north channel.


The recent good weather has seen every man and his dog out fishing and I mean that: I saw a guy outside fishing with his dog.

All the usual suspects have been on the chew of the bottom with hussar, sweetlip, cod, tuskfish, some quality snapper and the odd coral trout all being bagged. On a recent trip out I managed to tangle with most species on offer in our area including a nice trout taken on a Berkley Powerbait Shrimp on fairly light spin tackle. I also scared up a few fish on metal Twisties fishing them of the bottom the same way you fish a plastic only the trigger fish don’t destroy them. The Twisties accounted for hussar, sweetlip, cod and when worked up through some bait balls caught me big trevally and some nice tuna. While on my day out, after a wrestle on the spin gear, I decided to put on a big surface popper and had Spanish mackerel leaping through the air after it, I then spied a small sailfish eyeing off my popper but as I saw it, it saw me and then it gently glided past the boat.

We had a great day bringing home a great mixed bag of fish with quite a few of them caught on plastics and Halco Twisties. Bring on those June light westerlies.
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