Last chance at glory
  |  First Published: May 2010

The June long weekend heralds the last chance to chase a trout in the creeks and rivers of the district over what has been a good season.

Increased flows have made a big difference to the quality of the fish. It’s amazing how quick the trout bounce back after such a long period of very little water.

Spawning fish, especially brown trout, will have moved up on the redds in the Fish and Duckmaloi rivers.

Pesky little river rainbows will be waiting below them, stealing any eggs that come adrift.

It’s interesting to watch the antics from close by as it happens.

You will see some of the bigger brown trout for the season, large hook-jawed males, fighting and jostling for the best position on the redd.

Catching them can be quite a battle. Some anglers choose to leave them be and I can see their point of view, but while the season is open and you are fishing within the regulations, it does add another dimension to the fishing.

Quality fish can still be caught away from spawning fish, in the pools below. Casting shallow-diving minnows 50mm to 75mm long, or even a bit longer, can be very productive.

Drifting Glo Bug flies down past the fish can catch spawning trout on the gravel runs. Productive runs on the rivers can be few and far between, so be prepared for some walking.


I love chasing big redfin over Winter in Ben Chifley and Burrendong dams.

It’s quite a challenge. Numbers can be way down on Summer totals but the size well and truly makes up for it.

Three or four quality fish around or over 40cm is a good session.

Trolling shads and minnows 50mm to 70mm long at a depth you can see fish on the sounder is one way of getting some action. This may mean using a downrigger or lead-core line to get down to the fish.

Casting lipless crankbaits around the edges and points is also very productive, especially early in the morning or late in the day.

Jigging is always a great way to catch a feed over Summer and works over Winter as well.

The fish may not be schooled up as tightly but drifting over a productive area can still be deadly.

Change the weight of your jig according to drift speed, because you want to be fishing straight under the boat.

A drift drogue is also very handy when it comes to slowing your drift down.


Thanks mostly to our cousins on or south of the border, we now fish for Murray cod a lot more during the cooler months.

To think back a few years and realize what opportunities we had been missing!

Some great fish get caught at this time of year in the rivers and in the dams.

Lake Windamere has already been productive with some quality fish around 70cm to 80cm. Most of the fish have been caught trolling and this method will continue to be productive.

But don’t pass up the opportunity to cast at some likely looking structure, you just might surprise yourself. Quite often the fish will sit out in the mid morning sun.

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