May looks good for trout
  |  First Published: April 2010

With only about six more weeks before the end of the trout season now is the time to be targeting them.

With the unpredictable weather recently the water temperatures have dropped which has brought the trout onto the bite.

Yarra River

The Yarra in most regions is seeing anglers have success. Over the coming weeks the trout should increase in feeding and activity throughout in preparation for spawning later in June through to July. To ensure good stocks in the future, should you land a female release her back into the water so our waterways can continue to provide us all with many hours of enjoyment.

Lilydale Lake

Lilydale Lake fired over the school holidays with large numbers of trout being caught on baits such as worms, maggots and the reliable Powerbait fished on a treble in conjunction with Stimulate Berley used in feeder cages.

On the lure scene, 5g Stiffy Devil Fish vibes have been accounting for a fair number of both trout and redfin in different parts of the Lake. Ringwood staff member Steve has found fitting his vibes with W hooks allows the lure to be worked a lot slower and closer to the bottom.

Celtas and Vibrax spinners are also very successful. Always remember to add a good quality snap swivel onto your line to minimise line twists.

For the fly angler success has been achieved with Red and Black Matukas, damsels and Pheasant Tail Nymphs. Spinning and bait drifting with small scrubworms into the backwaters is working well for the bait angler.

Murray Crays

Although we have had only a couple of frosts, the colder weather in May should see the number of Murray crays increase. These are a freshwater cray with spines down most of the back. These creatures need to be treated with great respect. When handling, pick them up on the side of body, not near the legs. I have seen many anglers with blooded hands because of poor handling techniques. As with all catches, ensure you check sizes against regulations.

Warburton Trout

The area around Warburton has been successful for keen anglers. On the fly scene, Royal Wulff with a nymph trailing beneath has been getting the trout. Keep in mind to adjust the length of the leader in between the nymph and the dry fly indicator.

Spinning with Celtas and casting small Ecogear SX40 in the standout colours 351, 308 and 305. Also the Rapala CD5 in Olive Green Muddler and the new Rapala F3 in Golden Alburnus have been successful in landing good-sized trout.

The trout are responding well to lures being retrieved aggressively with plenty of pauses and twitches. Soft Plastic Squidgy worms in Red Rum for the dirtier cloudy water and Wasabi for a more natural lure for the cleaner water.

Best methods for the baits have been casting medium sized scrubworms upstream and letting them drift into the feeding trout. Remember to best present the bait use a light length of 4lb fluorocarbon leader and a fine gauged hook such as a Gamakatsu C10U size 10.


The Warrandyte area has slowed down for Macquarie perch and cod. It is now a waiting period until October/November when they will return from hibernation. Eels have also slowed, however for those being persistent they are still being rewarded.

The area behind the Warrandyte Bakery has been fishing well for redfin perch and the smaller, more aggressive cod. My suggestion would be using a Stiffy 60mm minnow in Gold Nugget.

Dandenong Staff Members Dylan and George had a crack recently fishing for cod at Warrandyte using black Jitterbugs in the smaller sizes. The key to fishing surface lures has been fishing a transition of light generally later in the afternoon. Dylan hooked a cacker that was estimated at 70cm just off the bank fishing Codman spinner bait 1/2oz in the Chartreuses colours.

Had some success? Send me the details via email at --e-mail address hidden-- . And include the angler, species, where caught (you don’t need to give me all your secrets) and what bait, lure or flies you used.

For up to date Yarra Valley fishing information contact the boys at Compleat Angler in Ringwood on 03 9870 7792 or better still drop in at 92 Maroondah Hwy– we’re open 7 days a week with plenty of top quality fresh bait and a great selection of freshwater gear.

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