Autumn is time for big trout
  |  First Published: April 2010

The autumn colours are beginning to appear. It is a beautiful time of year to visit Khancoban, to view the profusion of deciduous trees, as they prepare for winter.

This is one of the best fishing seasons of the year, so bring the family and do some exploring and of course it’s just lucky that there is good fishing in just about all the streams, rivers and lakes – isn’t it?

Khancoban is ideally positioned for exploring the Upper Murray River, as well as the north and south ends of Kosciuszko National Park.

Easter was a standout this year; there was beautiful weather all the way through. There were some excellent fish caught, with a 4kg rainbow a standout. Unfortunately, we didn’t match last year’s 13.5lb fish – maybe next year.

Redfin catches have decreased, as the weather gets cooler, however Scott Xanthoulakis pulled in a ripper at close to 2kg. As usual it quietened down in the pondage once all the boats started buzzing about.

The streams are where the action is at the moment, with the browns full of roe and waiting for the rain to head upstream. I sent one young angler down to Khancoban Creek (artificial fly and lure only), with a couple of 3.5g Gillies Multicolour blades, with a hook snapped off the treble (two hooks maximum allowed).

He came back at lunchtime with a broad smile, after catching 15 trout and two redfin in three hours.

He only kept the one, and a lot of the trout were small, but he had an absolute ball!

The browns are going to start spawning early this year, which means some excellent river and stream fishing until June and then we should have great winter fishing in the pondages as they come back HUNGRY!

Lure colours are tending toward the pink and blues, with Celtas, spinnerbaits and bladed lures doing well.

Mudeye and worms are still best bait, with some nice trout being taken.

Remember there is still plenty of good fishing to be had.

Khancoban is very protected in its valley at only 300m above sea level. Our low altitude, ensures you will not freeze when compared to Eucumbene (1200m) or Jindabyne (900m). See you soon!

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