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  |  First Published: March 2010

Local angler and River Rats Fishing Club member Jessie Vella cracked the 1m mark on cod recently in Shepparton.

Jessie was fishing from the banks of the Broken River, just a short walk from the Goulburn junction when his ultimate goal arrived.

He has caught many good fish this season but this is his best yet and he was understandably stoked.

Other than Jessie’s sensational cod, the fishing in our region has been very slow, which is not much fun for us.

To top it all off, the freak storm we had in early March flooded houses, caved in roofs and caused widespread damage.

It wasn’t just the people and their property that had troubles with the storm, the fish have also been up and down and it’s hard to pin a bite pattern down for regular success.

There are many positives and negatives with a storm like this. The best thing is the number of new snags in the river to cast at next season. The bad news is definitely the fallen timber on bike and car tracks heading to the river.

With Easter upon us please make sure you pick safe camping grounds as there will still be many weak and broken branches up in the tree tops.

Keep in mind Eucalypt forests were originally called falling forests for their propensity to drop large branches on camp sites. I would hate to see anybody get hit by falling timber so keep your eyes out for yourself and anyone else on the water.

I didn’t get to experience the storm as I was off the coast at Eden testing some new soft plastics from Bozo’s.

I would like to thank Marge and Mike for their lovely service at the Bay Cottages and for looking after us so well. If you’re in their part of the world, look them up as it’s just a lovely place to stay right on the water. Thanks to Phil from Bozo’s as well who supplied me with some great products.

While up there I fished in the Eden Fishing Club annual fishing classic. It’s a great event and run very well. I run a fishing competition and I know how hard it is, so keep up the good work.

The Toolamba Fishing Classic is also held over the Easter weekend, I have not yet been but hope to make an appearance this year so come say g’day.

Kialla Lakes

Ross Gibson of Kialla swears by casting black and red spinnerbaits just before dark when fishing these productive waters.

From late February and into early March this technique paid off for the gentle giant with Ross landing a dozen of keeper yellowbelly between the 25-35cm mark and some reaching 45cm. Well done, Ross.

I would like to wish you all the best for April including a safe and happy Easter. I’m looking forward to getting your reports and photos via email soon.

If any readers are interested in fishing in Eden, River Rats Fishing Club has group trips to the south coast 3-4 times a year. So get in contact with me and we will fill you in on the trip information.

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