Scaling Scamander
  |  First Published: March 2010

Jason Meech 3/3, 2.06kg has taken out the Scamander River round of the Hobie BREAM Kayak Series. Fishing Tasmania for the first time, Kayak regular Meech worked out a pattern that not only secured him the victory but also the events Boss Hogg Big Bream.

Initially Meech fished the bank directly across from the starting point and a small island further downstream, only to find undersize bream. Travelling further upriver revealed an expansive lagoon area with 1-1.5ft of water covering the muddy flats.

Meech had been using a small Stiffy hardbodied lure, but advice from a fellow angler and a lure change prompted an immediate change in fortune.

“I downsized to a Smiths Jade 43F hardbody weighted with some sticky lead to make the lure suspend. Trebles were upgraded to Owners. The water was dirty, but the lure performed immediately. Within 20-minutes of using the lure I had my three fish limit and was upgrading.

“The key was getting the lure to dig into the bottom followed by long pauses. Most of the bites came on the pause. When I came across a school I found that I could get one to two fish before the school would dissipate.”

“When the bite slowed I changed to a 3” Gulp Minnow in rainbow to prolong the bite period. I managed to keep catching fish before changing back to the Stiffy for my final upgrade”.

“This is my first trip to Tasmania. The fish have been smaller than expected but overall it has been an awesome experience.”

Meech’s outfit consisted of a 6’10”Samaki Dropshot rod teamed with a Daiwa Luvius 2000 reel spooled with 4lb green Daiwa Tournament braid and 3lb Yamatoyo Rockfish leader.

Finishing in second place was another first time Tasmanian angler and BREAM regular, Grayson Fong. Fong secured 3/3, 1.805kg to start his first trip to Tasmania on a high. Fishing the same lagoon area as Meech, Fong targeted deeper water in search of bream. Using deeper diving lures, Fong secured his limit in a 45-minute window before finding three further upgrades.

“The bite was fairly consistent throughout the session. At times I was getting a bite once in every five casts. The key was getting the lure to dig into the bottom and then pausing it.”

Fong alternated between a Jackall Squirrel 61 in brown suji shrimp colour and a Lucky Craft Tango in brown. Both lures were retro-fitted with Decoy split rings and Owner trebles.

Fong graciously thanked Scott Lovig from Scott Lovig Hobie for the use of a kayak for the tournament. When questioned as to whether the kayak ranks would soon be bolstered by another BREAMer Fong replied, “I always look forward to what the future holds.”

Fong’s outfit consisted of a G Loomis Dropshot 820 rod teamed with a Daiwa 2500 TD Sol spooled with 8lb Unitika braid and 4lb Sunline FC Rock leader.

Scott Lovig secured the first place PRO prize with Neil Carstairs finishing second. Although finishing eighth overall, Lovig took advantage of the option to back himself and secured $210 for his efforts.

The next round of the Hobie Kayak Series takes place in Forster, NSW, March 13-14. This event is a two day bag format as well as being the NSW State Title event. For more information on the Hobie BREAM Kayak Series contact ABT on 07 3387 0888 (B/H) or check out www.bream.com.au – ABT


PlaceAngler PROFishWeightPrize
1Jason Meech3/32.060$300 + $100 BOSS HOG Big Bream
2Grayson Fong3/31.805$180
3Peter Woods3/31.700$100
4Gary Beazley3/31.700$100
5Andrew Krushka3/31.695$50 Tamar Marine voucher
6Greg Woods3/31.630
7Matthew Sherriff3/31.605
8Scott Lovig3/31.460$210 Pro 1st
9Josh de Groot3/31.455
10David Green3/31.415

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