Fish the reward for persistence
  |  First Published: February 2010

We have certainly seen some very hot weather with very little rain.

Needless to say the rivers have all dropped quite a lot and the water temps are about 20C or more, which of course adversely effects the fishing.

The Mitta Mitta River is the best of the bunch at the moment. Fishing is not brilliant but there are some fish there to be caught.

Correspondent Rod Booker did quite well recently catching browns up to 1kg on hopper patterns. There are big numbers of hoppers present along our rivers.

Due to good spring and early summer rains there is significant grass and other vegetation along the waterways to support the hoppers. When the water temperature cools down over the next few weeks we can expect to see some great autumn hopper fishing.

Presently evenings are fairly quiet on the Mitta. There are a few caddis around but not large numbers. Due to the high water temperature, the best fishing is to be found in the ripples.

The pools are fairly quiet. We are lucky that there are plenty of ripples to fish in the Mitta.

The Cobungra River is well known for its hopper fishing at this time of the year but it hasn’t fired up as yet.

There are a few fish being caught in the Innisfail area but all in all it is fairly quiet. Nearby the Bundara River is low and warm. Fishing is poor with only a few small browns being taken in very clear water. Likewise Livingston Creek is low and warm with the odd fish being taken in the Cassilis area.

Middle Creek is presently not worth fishing and the same can be said for the Timbarra River near Buchan. It is very low and very hot.

Stay away from the Victoria River for the time being. It is also hot and low and there are very few fish present.

As usual there are still a reasonable number of small to very small rainbows in the Gibbo River. Lower down, near its junction with the Mitta River, the Gibbo flows through a fairly open valley with little shade. Very few fish are in this area.

Further upstream from Gibbo Park the river is shaded for many kilometres by native vegetation and tall gum trees. This is the best area to fish at the moment as the fish get some relief from the hot summer sun. It is also a great spot to camp.

The Indi River has fished reasonably well over the past few months although the browns have been a little on the small size. However, like most rivers at this time of the year, the water has dropped and warmed and the fishing has gone off.

Even if the fishing is not great here it is a wonderful 4WD into the river and there are a couple of sensational camping spots on the river. You also stand a good chance to see plenty of wildlife including brumbies.

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