Yellowbelly a good bet
  |  First Published: February 2010

It has been a mixed weather bag, being hot one day cold the next.

This made things hard to predict, but it did turn the yellowbelly on.

It has been a while since reports of good numbers of yellowbelly being caught in the Goulburn River.

Yellowbelly love a flowing river and it was up almost a foot recently; hopefully it stays this way for March.

Lure techniques can play apart in landing a good size yellowbelly; I personally seem to get them on a pause in retrieve then a slow roll.

If this doesn’t work, then try the complete opposite, such as a pause then a violent twitch of the lure.

Also if you just want to target yellowbelly try to use smaller lures like a small spinnerbait or hardbody.

I like using the small Codger hardbodies in a yellow and red colour, or if the water is dirty try black and green.

Spinnerbaits may look all the same but different brands seem to work different on local fish.

I have had good reports about the Outlaw Spinnerbaits in Shepparton: a hand full of locals swear by these lures.

I like the yellow-headed silver and copper bladed Ricoshae (R5). I don’t have a personal favourite weight, it all depends on the water level and flow.

It’s a good idea to have a few different weighted spinnerbaits in your tackle box in case it’s a dead flow or a raging river.

Bozo plastics, spinnerbait and service baits, Hot Legs lures and also some Reidys Daly Devils are all worth a shot.

All very different types of lures so I’m keen to give them all a try.

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