A Golden Month
  |  First Published: January 2010

During the summer period, our little creeks and streams tend to run a little lower than usual.

This tends to cause a lot of anglers to stray towards the salty end of the state.

However, a few of those keen young anglers have shown that there is some unusually and exciting fish around at present. I’m talking about golden perch or yellowbelly.

Now those of you reading this from the northern parts of the state might laugh when I say a golden perch is unusual, however when I tell you that there has been quite a number of these fish caught in Traralgon Creek, you might agree with me.

For the ultra-keen, you will know that we have heard this story before, and that a few years ago, there was quite a number of golden perch caught in the creek before there numbers seemed to have ceased. Well, they seem to be back, for at now least.

They have been caught mainly on Celtas, however some keen young anglers have caught them on soft plastics as well.

There sizes have been very impressive, with one angler Shane Gillespie landing one that weighed 14 pounds on the old scale and there has been a few others caught up to 4.5kg. All this in our little Traralgon Creek.

With any luck, they will cut back some of the redfin numbers, which will be a hard task considering the increase in numbers of these little predators over the past five years.

On the trout scene, these been some decent numbers of smaller trout caught on fly in the top reaches of Traralgon Creek and the Morwell River.

Flies such as Dads Favourite, Parachute Adams and red spinners are all working very well during the evening period.

During the day, a more impressionistic pattern such as a Royal Wulff or Humpy is working very well.

For more information, contact Will at Allways Angling in Traralgon on 51748544.

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