Good Fishing Continues
  |  First Published: January 2010

The fishing around the Bendigo region continues to be productive.

The majority of local destinations are producing some quality fish. Many anglers are enjoying the summer period and it is a great time of the year to wet a line.


There have been good numbers of anglers trying their luck at this destination lately. Fishing results continue to be mixed. The numbers of golden perch being caught has been lower than anticipated. It is often a matter of hunting around until a good concentration of golden perch can be found.

Reasonable numbers of golden perch are being caught on both bait and lures. The productivity of the bait fishing around the edges of the lake has declined. Unfortunately this trend will continue if water levels continue to recede.

Best results are currently being produced by anglers bobbing baits around the edges of the standing timber in the lake. There are currently good numbers of redfin being caught in the lake.

At this stage the majority are small however the occasional quality redfin is still being landed. A Melbourne angler recently called into the lake for a quick fish on his way home. He managed in 45 minutes to land two redfin weighing 1kg each. The redfin were caught casting spinnerbaits from the edge off a rocky bank in the Kimbolton area of the lake.

Good numbers of redfin are being caught off the edges of the weed beds in the lake. These are being caught by several methods. Casting lipless crankbaits and soft plastics has been productive. Also trolling small to medium sized hardbodied lures around the edges of the weed beds has produced good results.


Water flows and water levels continue to be low in the Campaspe River. Water clarity is currently very good at most locations along the Campaspe River. At this stage the majority of captures are consisting of a mix of golden perch and redfin. The average size of the golden perch being caught is between 1-2kg. The majority of the golden perch being caught are being caught with lures.

The most productive lures for the golden perch have been low profile spinnerbaits like Bassman TW series.

Golden perch continue to be caught on lipless crankbaits. The most productive colour in these has been dark silhouette such as black and purple. Also good results have been produced on redfin colour schemes.


The fishing has been good at this location over the last couple of months. There have been some quality golden perch caught at this location again this year. The numbers of golden perch being caught has been low but the size of the fish has been terrific.

Unfortunately water levels are now starting to drop in the lake. Cairn Curran is currently at 6.4% of capacity. This is currently 2% higher than the same time last year. With the water levels dropping the fishing will inevitably get tougher.

At this stage it still has been good so make the most of it while it last because the good fishing will probably only last in the short term. The majority of golden perch have been caught casting lipless crankbaits or by those anglers trolling medium sized hard bodies in depths between 2-4m. Redfin are being caught with both and lures. The most productive baits on the redfin have been gudgeon and worms.


The fishing in the Loddon River has continued to improve in recent weeks. Good results are now being produced in the deep sections of the river at Bridgewater and Serpentine.

The productivity has also increased in the shallower sections of the river at Newbridge and below Bridgewater.

David Scott recently reported some good results while fishing the skinny water on the Loddon River. David has managed to land Murray cod between 41-88cm on a red and black Halco nightwalker surface lure.

Good numbers of golden perch continue to be caught on lipless crankbaits. The most productive time for these continues to be early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Spinnerbaits have been the most effective lure while fishing the skinny sections of the river. At this stage the numbers of redfin being caught in the Loddon River has been low.

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