Heat is on, but so are the fish
  |  First Published: January 2010

What a mixed bag of weather, extreme hot days combined with good rainfall for this time of year.

The rainfall has pushed new food sources into the Yarra as well as providing a clear steady flow. Fishing in February is always good with angler numbers down on the ramps and the more popular spots after the holiday period.

February is also the last chance to get onto the trout before the water temperatures hot up to much.

Lilydale Lake

Visiting Lilydale Lake recently, it was great to see lots of grandparent and parents fishing with their younger angers. The main catches taken where carp and the occasional yellowbelly. The weeds were providing a challenge for many of the anglers.

A suggestion is to use hook guards. These are generally a tube that extends out over the hook and will help with your hook skimming through the water and going over the weeds, rather than through them, therefore lessoning the number of snags. Spinning Tassie Devils and power bait will provide most of the action.

A float above your bait will also allow the hook to be placed just above the week beds reducing the number of snags. The fish are still able to hide in the weed beds where it is cool and ‘safe’ whilst still being tempted with food just above and in clear eyesight.


Warrandyte is the top spot with good reports of Murray cod being taken from Warrandyte through to Templestowe. Dandenong Team Member, George, whose speciality is saltwater and in particular squid fishing, took on the challenge to land his first cod in the Yarra. His beauty was taken on a Stiffy Popper around the back of the Warrandyte High School.

George’s tip is to be persistent, cast behind some fast moving water alongside a structure.

Kayaking around Warrandyte and Templestowe makes it easier to access and target the deeper holes. If you are land-based, fish the area west of Warrandyte targeting deep holes with over hanging trees casting from the steep banks. Scrub worms for the bait angler on size 2/0 baitholder hooks, large yabbies or tossing 1/2oz Sure Catch spinnerbait lures with a tip-tip retrieve action.

If you have any questions on kayaking our local rivers, come in and have a chat to Wayne or myself. Wayne is still hitting the water several times a week.

Rowville Lakes

Rowville Lakes reports have increased over the past six weeks with many families enjoying some fishing success for redfin and carp. Other successes, although not in consistent numbers, have been catches of trout.

Scrub worm on a size 8 Baitholder under a float set up have been proving the most successful on the carp and small spinners with a gold or gold/green colour on the redfin. Best times appear to be late afternoon going through to dusk.

Sugarloaf Dam

Sugarloaf Dam continues to fish well for redfin and trout. I would expect this area to slow down as the hotter weather really kicks in, making the water temperature too warm for the fish and reducing their activity levels. So get in early in February rather than wait for the end of the month.


The trout have slowed right down with the best spots being around Launching Place. Look for deep holes around structures with shaded coverage. Rapala 3cm lures appear to be providing most of the success for the lure angler. Mudeyes and small scrubworms are best for the bait angler.

Macquarie Perch

Macquarie perch reports have also increased recently, with most coming from the area from Reserve Road at Wonga Park through to Jumping Creek Reserve. Scrubworms using a number 6 all rounder bait holder with a number 2 bean sinker on an open bail running sinker rig.

Remember perch will ‘spit the bait’, so do not go for a hook up straight away. Let them test the food source and when they are happy they will swallow and hook up.

Fishing dusk up to dark will provide you with the most success.

For up to date fishing information, both fresh and saltwater, contact the boys at Compleat Angler in Ringwood on 03 9870 7792 or better still drop in at 92 Maroondah Hwy– we’re open 7 days a week with plenty of top quality bait and a great selection of freshwater and saltwater gear.
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