Fish early and late in the heat wave
  |  First Published: January 2010

We have had something of a heat wave, with consistent days over 40C, not my favourite conditions for fishing.

Those braving the conditions were rewarded, with reports received of good size cod and yellowbelly being landed late at night and early in the morning.

Local angler Jacob Crow reports the fish were a little hit and miss and plenty of casts were needed to get rewards.

If you fish Shepparton area much you will probably come across Crowy, walking the river banks or paddling his kayak with rod in hand.

Recently the he has hand some nice catches on surface lures late at night or spinnerbaits and Jackals during the day.

Broken River

The Broken River over the past month leading into this report has gone dead quiet.

I have spent many hours trying to get a fish, but I have struggled time and time again.

It’s a shame, as the Broken River usually is a really great bank fishing location.

Goulburn River

Recently the Goulburn was on fire in town. The stretch of water from the boat ramp to Jordans Bend being best or lures.

Spinnerbaits have been getting smashed cast after cast, so stock up as you need to cast them deep into snag territory.

I know there are so many brands out there, but for starters try the Bassman, Goodoo, Outlaw, Trikfish and Bozo brands, and that’s just to name a few.

They all work so I suggest maybe try one of each and see what works best for you.

The darker colours seem to be on the menu, especially with bigger Colorado blades.

Shepparton is like any other area where if you put the time and effort in you will be rewarded. The trick is to get out there as often as you can with bait or lures.

Kialla Lakes

Hot weather usually means not-so-hot fishing in Kialla.

I haven’t heard too many reports of fish being landed out there.

It has limited shade cover so the fish seem to stay down deep closer to the island.

But when we finally get a cool change that is the time to target yellowbelly in the lake

I’d love to get any feedback on fishing the Shepparton area, please feel free to email me with your reports and photos.

I usually base my reports around feedback from the boys from Trelly’s Tackle World, River Rat Club Members and my own personally experiences on the water, but I’m always keen to hear more.

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