Consistent action at Purrumbete
  |  First Published: December 2009

Bullen Merri is still suffering from an above average size algae bloom.

Signs around the lake still warn visitors not to use the lake and definitely not to eat fish from the lake. There are still a few skiers using the lake but there are no anglers to be seen. More pressure is put on Purrumbete and Ellingamite with this situation, but both lakes seem to be coping ok.

Purrumbete is fishing extra well for a smaller run of browns and rainbows. The trout are ranging from 700g-2.5kg for the browns and from 700g-1.5kg for the rainbows.

This past month has seen Bob Baring and Leo Westernlaken taking good numbers of fish trolling. The pick of the lures has been the clown coloured Tassie Devil. For those not familiar with the clown it is white with red and black spots.

The fish seem to be holding at 20ft, so a lead keel or downrigger may help get that bit deeper. There have are a few fish still being taken on mudeyes fished around the weed beds and there are plenty of redfin for those who like to catch them.

Warmer water means more insect life and in the next couple of months we are sure to see a lot more surface action.

My best tip to get into this action is to fish late, and use every bit of daylight possible. If you are coming in before you need your boat lights on, you are coming in to early. This also applies to Ellingamite were there is quite often an evening rise.

Ellingamite continues to fish well for trout. Flies and plastics seem to be proving successful, with the plastics accounting for redfin as well.

Wurdi Bulloc

A water that I usually give bit of a mention deserves a bigger rap this month and that is Wurdi Bulloc. Some lovely browns to 2.5kg have been taken of late with Jensen Insect spinners being a stand out fish taker.

Small vibes and bibbed lures have also worked. Local flyfisher Colin Witcombe has been catching some nice fish along the southern side where he has found them smelting during the day.

Local rivers are still fish ok for browns from 700g-1.5kg with a couple of even bigger fish coming from the Mt Emu Creek. The bigger fish are taking bibbed lures with Rebels and Rapalas in the brown trout colours best.

Let’s not forget the opening of the river blackfish season at the beginning of January. I mention this because the Gellibrand River is the best blackfish stream in Victoria. Now that should make a few Gippsland locals get their hackles up.

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