Persistence will pay off
  |  First Published: December 2009

The Ballarat and district anglers are once again faced with tough times ahead as the new year starts.

Low water levels, not many fish stockings and warmer weather will combine to make the fishing a lot tougher. Anglers in the Ballarat district need to be smart about when they go fishing: evening or early mornings are the best times.

There has been some excellent catches of trout and redfin, not so much around Ballarat, but for those anglers that have hit the road.

Lake Elingamite

Lake Elingamite still seems to the pick of all the waters. Keen angler Gordon Thompson has been having the absolute time of his life at Lake Elingamite.

Gordon’s best day was landing 15 rainbow and brown trout using a mudeye suspended under a bubble float at depths between 1-2m. Gordon has fished the lake for many years and said this has been one of the best years ever. The lake is very versatile, as trolling, baitfishing, casting lures or flyfishing out of the boat catch both species of trout and some magnificent sized redfin.

The lake has a very shallow perimeter that can’t be waded and when the lake warms boats are unable to get out through the shallow water and mud. Unless we have plenty of summer rain the lake will be hard to fish.

Lake Purrumbete

Lake Purrumbete is back and firing again.

Brian Nyygaard reports fish are up chasing smelt all over the lake. He has been catching brown trout around the 3lb mark on mudeyes suspended under a bubble float between 2-5m deep, with the best times early of a morning and evenings.

Lake Purrumbete is a god place to target redfin in January. I love catching them and they are an excellent table fish. The most successful way of catching redfin is fishing a mudeye or minnow suspended just of the lake bottom in about 12-15m of water. Keep your baits moving all the time. I jig the baits slowly, dropping into the weed on the bottom. You can also use a Baltic Bobber or jig to entice the redfin.

Lake Fyans

Lake Fyans is a great option for redfin and trout and should continue over the warmer months.

Recently I had a quick trip in atrocious weather conditions, only to land a small trout on mudeye and a redfin trolling soft plastics.

Several other anglers were having success trolling small bladed lures; catching plenty of redfin. I’m not sure on the size but they had plenty.

Lake Fyans is a magnificent and diverse fishery for all forms of angling: land-based or boat. Fyans will be well worth fishing over the next few months due to some decent stocking. The lake has some of the best mudeye hatches you’ll ever see, even rivalling Lake Eucumbene’s hatches.

Trout move into lake margins feeding on mudeyes. The fishing can be fantastic as they feed all night. My favourite flies to use are the Muddler Minnow, Craigs Nighttime, Mrs Simpson, Cubit Mudeye and Hamills Killer.

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