Bendigo is Booming
  |  First Published: December 2009

I am pleased to report the fishing in the Bendigo area has been very good.

The fishing reports have been very consistent with all local locations producing their fair share of action for anglers. The hot bite will not last for long due to the lack of water, so anglers should put the time in now while the productivity and fishing is good.


The lake is currently at 7% capacity. Water levels are now starting to drop and we need some more substantial rainfall if this trend is to be reversed. It is not good for the long-term productivity in the lake if water levels continue to fall. At this stage though the fishing has been good, but if water levels continue to fall the fishing will slow.

Water clarity is good in the majority of the lake. There has been a good mixture of both redfin and golden perch being caught. Unfortunately the majority of redfin are of a small size.

Casting and retrieving soft plastics with gold and brown colours schemes is the preferred option. Anglers should continue to hunt around the lake in order to find the best concentrations of redfin. The highest concentrations of redfin usually can be found at several different types of structure. Submerged islands, ledges, drop-offs, rocky reefs and around the edges of weed beds are all preferred habitat of redfin.

Good numbers of golden perch and redfin have been caught by anglers bait fishing at Lake Eppalock. The most productive times are early in the morning or late afternoon. The productivity has already started to slow with the fall in water levels. As water levels continue to fall the fish will tend to hold in deeper water. Greater numbers of fish will start to be caught in deeper water shortly.


There have been some excellent results from anglers fishing this location over recent weeks. Some of the best reports have seen anglers boating over ten golden perch as well as 20 plus redfin for the day. The draw card of catching a quality golden perch will definitely see more anglers fishing this location in the near future.

Unfortunately water levels have also started to recede at this location and the productivity has also started to drop. Brad Day recently fished Cairn Curran for the morning and managed to boat three golden perch weighing up to 3.5kg. Brad also managed to drop a much larger golden perch weighing an estimated 7kg. Brad connected to a couple of large European carp while casting his Jackall.


The fishing in the Loddon River has also improved over recent weeks.

The most popular destination along the Loddon River at Bridgewater has already received a lot of fishing pressure. Currently water clarity is extremely good. In many locations the bottom can be seen in depths between 2-3m.

With clear water the fishing has been slow during the middle of the day. The best results continue to be produced by those anglers who put the time in early in the morning or late afternoon.

The amount of weed in these shallower sections is also making fishing difficult. At this stage anglers’ casting and retrieving Jackall lures are having the best results. I have produced my best results on dark coloured lures and transparent colours. At this stage the productivity when fishing spinnerbaits has been low.

The best results with those anglers fishing spinnerbaits has been by fishing with black nickel blades or those who have painted the blades to reduce flash. The majority of captures are mainly of golden perch with some quality specimens weighing up to 4kg being landed.

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