Yarra Alive with fish
  |  First Published: December 2009

The Yarra Valley area has been a buzz with reports coming in from most areas of some great fishing sessions.

We are also very pleased to announce the safe arrival of our newest Ringwood Team member ‘William George Adzijovski’.

The cod are firing around Warrandyte, carp and redfin from Lilydale Lake and Sugarloaf with early reports of blackfish around Chirnside Park. Add to this trout being taken around Woori Yallock and Warburton in the deeper holes and summer is looking very good indeed.

The Yarra at Warrandyte has started to fire with reports of Murray cod up to 26lb being taken. Bassman Spinner baits appear to account for a large percentage of the cod taken, with scrubworms and large yabbies working well also. On the warmer nights, Halco Night Walkers or Stiffy poppers are also having their share of success.

Roger Miles or better known as the Cod Hunter, gave a talk at the store recently and provided anglers with lots of tips on improving the strike rate when targeting Murray cod. Roger recommends targeting Murray cod around a new moon with a full moon being the least desirable when fishing surface lures. Combining this with a rapid change in barometer should set ideal conditions.

Murray cod are very laid back and will only strike at a lure or food source if hungry or annoyed. You need to cast very close to their holding position which will mostly be around an old timber habitat especially one log lying across another.

Don’t disregard the upright tree on the banks edge with exposure roots underwater, as they like hiding in still water which is close to slow moving currents. This type of environment enables the cod to maintain their position with minimal effort whilst still being close to the food opportunities provided by the slow moving water.

To annoy the Cod you may need to cast 3-4 times in the same position, allowing the spinner bait to drift within centimetres. This continual movement will make them feel threatened and they quite often will nudge the lure, endeavouring to push the threat away from their territory. This is why it is very important to continue your very slow retrieve. Do not attempt to strike or quicken the retrieve. Keep it consistent.

Snagging lures are one of the most frustrating aspects when targeting this species. To reduce your snag, try holding you rod around the 10 o’clock position, cast at the structure, ensuring that you target the slowest area of water current. The rod at this angle will make it easier for you to lift the rod up and over structures, therefore reducing your snags.

As the summer weather really starts to warm the water, the deeper holes from Warrandyte through to Templestowe and around Fitzsimmons Lane will prove to be the most successful.

Recently two of our Dandenong team members, Andy and Chris ran a fishing outdoor education program for Scoresby Secondary College Students. The guys gave the class a lesson on knot tying, casting and retrieving, how to bait a hook and what to look for when fishing, including snakes.

Using the Rowville school bus, all the students, Andy, Chris and several teachers went to Rowville Lakes for the ppractical part of the program. It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement when fish where hooked up and landed. A couple of the students hooked other items including a bucket and shoe, which provided a bit of a laugh. The end tally for the day was 5 trout and 4 redfin. We also need to thank the guys from Carrum Coarse Angling Club for helping out on the day.

Although the warmer conditions have slowed down Lilydale Lake, trout can still be taken in the deeper water. This time of year maggots, worms and orange Powerbait all work well.

For the fly angler, Wayne suggests using small Woolly Bugger flies in black or olive shades or Tom Jones patterns. Around dusk on a humid evening, Lilydale Lake can have some good insect hatches.

Other local areas which should continue to fish well over January will be the stretch of river above Warburton for trout using small scrubworms and around Chirnside Park for Macquarie perch. If you are targeting perch, remember that these fish get spooked very quickly.

For up to date fishing information, both fresh and saltwater, contact the boys at Compleat Angler in Ringwood on 03 9870 7792 or better still drop in at 92 Maroondah Hwy– we’re open 7 days a week with plenty of top quality bait and a great selection of freshwater and saltwater gear.

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